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Posted on 30 Nov 2010

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Acne

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2000 years and is effective at treating several skin conditions including acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects approximately 60% of the American population. Although the cause of acne is unknown, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes are believed to be related to the cause of acne skin conditions. Acne is more prevalent in males and can be aggravated by sweating, oral contraceptives, poor skin hygiene, cosmetics, face creams, exercise, and lack of sunlight. Traditional Chinese philosophy believes that an imbalance in the body, mind or spirit can cause physical symptoms of disease. The TCM believes that an excess of internal heat and dampness causes acne and the symptoms of acne. To alleviate acne you must clear the heat and drain the dampness from the body.
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Heat can be caused by different sources such as our over consumption of stimulating foods, hormonal changes, physical activity, inability for blood to clean toxins, agitated thoughts, hot weather, or imbalance of qi. Heat can appear as inflammation, over stimulation, and hyperactivity and is reflected on the skin through rashes, pimples, infections, and redness. Dampness is excess water in the tissues of the body. Dampness can be caused by water accumulation in the digestive tract, excess oil, fatty, cold or raw foods, irregular eating habits, insufficient sweating, damp environment, and insufficient heat. Bacteria, fungus and viruses thrive in excessively damp environments even in the body. Dampness can be reflected through the skin as swelling, cysts, pimples, pus, and fluid discharge.

A traditional Chinese herbalist should be consulted when determining which Chinese herbal supplements to take to clear up your acne. Although there are minimal side effects, you will not see the results you want by indulging in every Chinese herb on the market. Specific concoctions of herbs will work for certain people. An herbalist will determine which concoction of herbs is right for each individual person and their specific symptoms. TCM can use leaves, flowers, fruit, bark, minerals and roots from plants in their acne treatments. There are several different ways to take herbs in decoctions or teas, powders, tinctures, pills, syrups, and plasters. Here are some specific herbs that have been used in TCM for thousands of years to treat acne. If you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or a skin rash after taking herbal supplements, stop taking them immediately and consult your herbalist.

Cai Feng Zhen Zhu an Chuang Wan/ Margarite Acne Pills: This is an excellent remedy to clear up acne. This product comes ina pill form and is used to clear heat, expel toxins, cool the blood, and regenerate skin cells. Some of its ingredients include Pearl, Honeysuckle Flower, Dandelion Herb, Glehniz Root, Chinese Foxglove Root, Ningpo Figwort Root, Chinese Rhubarb Root and Lucid Gannoderma Sclerotium.

Jin Yin Hua/ Honeysuckle – Can be used in conjunction with chrysanthemum and dandelion to clear excess heat in the blood and stomach. It is a great detoxifier and increases perspiration. It can be consumed as an infusion or applied externally to the skin.

Dandelion Root – Is a blood cleanser which stimulates liver function to cleanse the body. Dandelion root should be drunk in a tea by mixing 2-3 teaspoons of dried dandelion to 1 cup of water. Dandelion leaves can also be eaten in a salad, which aid in digestion but only 2 leaves should be eaten daily.

Dahurian Angelica – Reduces swelling and expels dampness from the body. Should be drunk in a tea by mixing 1 ounce of dried root into 1 pint of water or can be consumed as 1/2 teaspoon diluted in 1 cup water. This root can also be combined with Chrysanthemum and drank.

Skullcap – Clears heat as well as damp heat. Drank as a tea. Combine 1 ounce dried root to 1 pint of water.

Burdock Root – Cleans the blood by detoxifying the body. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Should be applied topically.

Spica Prunellae/ Prunella Spike – Common herb found in TCM. Boil 1 ounce of dried herb in 1 pint of water. Add honey and drink daily.

Posted on 30 Nov 2010

Yeast Infections

One of the most uncomfortable and unwanted sufferings one has to go through has to be contracting yeast infections. No matter where they are, yeast infections are, at the very least, uncomfortable. Given their nature, admitting you have one is notably unflattering to your image of personal hygiene as yeast infections thrive in moist, dark areas of the body. Read on and you will see the different yeast infection cures available today.

With modern medicine, you can resort to yeast infection medication to rid these pesky growths. If the outbursts are not too severe, using homemade remedies to cure yeast infections is fairly common and safe. The former is often used in more serious and expansive infections to prevent them from recurring permanently. Home remedies are great if you are too embarrassed to own up to having some kind of yeast infection in your system and work just as well, sometimes even better as they usually do not leave any scars.

Of all the home remedies, one in particular stands out – garlic. In any form – digested or rubbed on – garlic is proven to be one of the most effective, if not the most effective, yeast infection cures. Yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in any one area and if there is one thing that they hate, it is garlic! This is good news for you because garlic is both cheap and easily accessible. On top of that, it can be applied, swallowed in pill form or drunk. This means no one has to know you are trying to cure yeast infections unless you decide to tell them!

Here are some ways garlic has been used as a home remedy:
As garlic tabs or pills, garlic works well for those hard to reach places like those in the genitals. Those suffering from vaginal yeast infections or thrush, especially, will find this particular type of cure very convenient and painless. The best part is that you can feel its effects almost instantly – what a relief!
If you are not averse to strong smells, press or smash a clove of garlic and dunk into water and drink up. This is an indirect method of ridding yeast infections from within your system. If you are the kind of have frequent recurrence, this is the best way you can reduce the frequency – much like taking vitamin supplements.
Less common is a garlic rub-on. Try on less sensitive areas like below the breasts and abdomen. Some people with more sensitive skin may find these a little warm to the touch so it is best to use these homemade creams on “open” spots.

Yogurt works just as well as garlic, albeit a little yuckier. For more “inconvenient” areas like the vagina and anus, soak a tampon into yogurt and insert into the affected body part. Otherwise, rub yogurt onto your skin. A point to note here is that the yogurt used must be unsweetened and unflavored. Otherwise, you would only aggravate the situation with an even more conducive environment for the yeast infection.

Another popular way to cure yeast infections is with vinegar. Much like garlic, vinegar is another big no-no for the irritating fungi. The only downside to using this above garlic is that it is a lot stronger which means there will be some kind of burning sensation. Depending on your pain threshold, some people may describe it as a mild burning sensation while others will swear it is even worse than the yeast infection itself.

Water also works wonders for clearing yeast infection. It helps flush out toxins in the system and dilutes body chemicals to restore them to their appropriate levels naturally. This means flushing out excess sugars within your body which the yeast feeds on, thus reducing their food source and containing their growth. The old folks who used to tell us to drink six to eight glasses of water a day definitely knew what they were talking about!

For more severe outbreaks, yeast infection medication may have to be resorted to. Stronger versions will have to be prescribed while milder ones can usually be bought over the shelf. Like all medicines, unless you know for sure it is a yeast infection and not any other skin ailment, it still is better to consult a doctor beforehand so you can rule out common allergies.

Posted on 28 Nov 2010
Dental Care

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth

The teeth is the diamond of the face. Every body will just agree that good-looking teeth makes one’s smile ever beautiful. Our teeth then, like our face or our hair, needs attention and deserves to be well taken care of. From basic to luxury, tips and guides are there on how to take care of our teeth. Products like toothpaste, teeth whiteners, and mouth wash are out in a diversified kind and in large numbers. The question then comes of what to choose among them. Well, in here requires our sharp eyes for checking details. Products do have labels. Take time to check them. Or, you may have to see a dentist and have him recommend you a product that loves your teeth.

Whom to refer. Yes, dentist are the experts about dental cares and treatments. Their advises are studied so they can be trusted more than anyone or any sources of information. Any information, when not derived at the right source, can be found harmful sometimes. For consultations and treatments, choose a licensed dentist. Your friend or a relative may have known well a dentist that’s not only licensed but is trusted and standard in his or her service. It is also a good idea to have a single dentist for the whole family. Are you thinking of the cost? In time, as relationship builds between the client and the professional, special discounts are granted.

Basic cares: There are basic cares that we ourselves must do to take care of our teeth. These are very common.

First is brushing the teeth every after meal. That is keeping your teeth clean while keeping a fresher breath. Fluoride that is contained in the toothpaste will keep the teeth stronger as it prevents cavities from causing holes and breakages to the teeth.

Having regular check ups to your dentist is also advisable. Diseases are prevented or spotted that outright when regular visits to the clinic for check up is done on a regular basis. Your regular basis can be once or twice a year.

Choosing the quality of your toothbrush is an addition to caring for your teeth. Brushes for tooth are diversified too like the toothpaste. Some brushes are well designed to reach dirt and clean gums and tongues where some dirt are left, thereby doing a better work. Also, every three months or lesser, change your brush. Don’t wait until your toothbrush is really destroyed before buying another.

Caring for your gums is a partner of dental care. Gums may be afflicted of diseases. One is gingivitis a symptom of which is bleeding of your gums. When you experience bleeding without knowing the cause, you have to consult a dentist already. Gum diseases don’t occur in aged only like the tooth breaking. It happen to teens also.

Eating healthy foods helps our teeth be in good condition. So you see, eating right and healthy never poses harm to our bodies. The next time you’re going to stores for grocery items, think of your teeth, and make a healthy choice.

Posted on 25 Nov 2010

Laser Sight Correction

Laser sight correction has become a safe and effective alternative to glasses or contact lenses for thousands of people. No matter how the eyeglass businesses have tried to make the “glasses look” glamorous in recent years, glasses are still an annoying encumbrance to active lifestyles. They only provide temporary band aids to an ever worsening condition. How many people can report an actual improvement in their vision because of wearing glasses. Typically, the eyesight gets worse and increasingly stronger prescriptions are required to maintain adequate vision.

Laser correction has continually improved in recent years and certainly provides a desirable alternative to glasses. It would be wonderful if there were a simple pill to swallow and “voila” no more vision problems. While not as convenient as a pill, laser procedures today are hardly less convenient than a bump in the road.

What is the most common type of laser correction?
The most commonly performed, and one of the best options for individuals who are wanting to get rid of the glasses, is, Lasik. This procedure is relatively quick, safe, and has very few side effects. While it may not promise perfect vision, at the very least, it can reduce a person’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The benefits of this procedure are tremendous, allowing people to more easily pursue their lifestyles-especially active lifestyles.

What is Lasik? It is a non-invasive, procedure which uses a beam of cool light to reshape the surface of the cornea, so that images will focus correctly on the retina at the back of the eyeball. The eye surgeon uses a computer to accurately calculate the precise amount of cornea removal for a given individual’s eyes. A pre-surgery exam is conducted and the eye surface is scanned and measured to obtain data which is fed into the computer which is used during the surgery.

How is it performed?
During the surgical procedure, thin steel blade is used to free a thin cellophane flap on the surface of the cornea, which is then pulled back to expose the under-layer of the cornea which receives the actual reshaping The laser, which is positioned into place, delivers a pre-programmed number of pulses of cool ultraviolet light onto the exposed under surface of the cornea. The pulses remove microscopic layers of cornea.
When the cornea has been reshaped, the thin cellophane flap is put back in place. It will adhere or re-attach to the cornea without the aid of sutures. The center of the cornea now has been altered to allow the incoming light rays to focus exactly on the retina so that images will be seen clearly. Most patients who receive this treatment notice a dramatic improvement in their vision immediately..

What is the follow-up protocol?
Following LASIK surgery, steroid, antibiotic drops, and artificial tears will be prescribed ensure proper healing. Maximum improvement usually occurs within three or four weeks. The final result is directly related to the post operative care given to the cornea after the surgery.

Posted on 25 Nov 2010
Back Pain

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a type of nonsurgical therapy that is also very noninvasive. It is used to treat severe and chronic back pain that is a result from different types of conditions. Some of these back pains are caused because of pressure that is exerted by an expanded spinal disc to the spinal nerves. They could also be a result of several arthritic issues. It turns out that there are many different health conditions that could be benefited from this type of treatment. By following this article you will learn of the different health conditions and how decompression treatment can be used.

Herniated disc

Of all the different types of conditions that spinal decompression therapy could help, a herniated disc is the most common. When the spinal disc is herniated, it exerts a lot of pressure on the spinal nerves; this health condition results in a lot of excruciating pain. The decompression treatment will relieve the pressure from the expanded or damaged disk and allows it to go back to its normal size.

Degenerative discs

Degenerative disc disease is another common condition that requires treatment. Vertebral bodies can be compressed when there is a loss of disc height. This is caused by spinal compression. When there is too much compression, the surrounding nerves can be constricted which leads to back pain. Spinal decompression therapy can help to alleviate the pressure on the degenerative discs, helping to alleviate the back.
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Facet syndrome

Spinal decompression therapy is also used to help treat facet joint syndrome. The first two problems were due to a compressed disk and the decompression therapy had a higher chance of working. However, facet syndrome is not due to a compressed disk that has a higher chance of failure. Arthritic changes around the vertebral bones cause facet syndrome. Nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy can still be helpful and is often recommended because it will still give more space between the vertebral bones, which helps reduce the pain.

How does spinal decompression therapy work?

The first part of this process is by placing the patient over a computer-controlled spinal table, which is also known as spinal decompression machine. There are different modes of this therapy, and depending on what the physician finds on the MRI results, will help them choose the correct mode. The machine applies force to the affected area, and this is where the decompression occurs. This type of negative pressure that is exerted by the machine will help retract the expanded disk to its original size. It also helps reinforce the oxygen which helps regulate proper blood flow to the discs.

Posted on 24 Nov 2010

Migraine Surgery

Isn’t this headline just wonderful! A simple migraine surgery is all you need. All migraine sufferers have been waiting and hoping for something – anything, to take away the pain. Think about the benefits of migraine surgery. No more canceling of meetings, airplane tickets, school educations, children christening, friends wedding, birthdays, theater visits, movie visits, guitar and piano lessons and all those things that we do together with family and friends. And don’t forget all those days spending in bed with that terrible pain. Imagine no more pain.
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For many migraine sufferers, this is not only a dream. It’s a reality. It all started at the University Hospital in Cleveland USA in the year 2000. They started to research the connection between a muscle around the eyebrow and migraines. Previous operations were to eliminate “frown lines” due to the corrugator muscle. The follow-up research from those operations have shown significant migraine relief among those patients in the study suffering from migraine.

35 percent of the patients had total relief from migraines within a year after the operation. But will it be forever? The treatment is rather new so it’s impossible to say yet.

Another 57 percent experienced a more than fifty percent less frequency and pain intensity in their migraine attacks.

In the clinical study there were 314 patients, of which 39 had a migraine headache. 31 of those patients said that their migraine attacks were no more, or that they had a considerably improvement after the migraine surgery.

So how do you know if this is something for you? This is probably the worst part to read in an article like this. All migraine sufferers all over the world have only one dream. How to get rid of their migraines. So here it is. It’s not for everyone. Sorry about that. It was not for me anyway. But you can test if this is something for you. This is how you do it.

Visit your doctor and try to find out if your migraine problem has something to do with your eyebrows. For this he will probably ask you to take some Botox injections. This relaxation muscle drug will put your corrugator muscle totally out-of-order. If you find that this Botox therapy is good for your migraines, then this migraine surgery can be your final solution.

The surgical doctor will then remove your corrugator muscle and that’s it. It is a simple operation and you can go home directly after the operation. Any side effects? Yes, your forehead will be blank as a new hockey rink and you will not be able to show how angry you are by frowning your forehead. Can you call that side effects? In that case, it’s a pleasant problem…

Posted on 24 Nov 2010
Heart Disease

Keeping High Blood Pressure Under Control

With no symptoms of high blood pressure, the only way to find out if you have it, is to take a simple test. A quick check with the doctor or by visiting your local pharmacy or pharmacist will let you know straight away as to whether you need to keep your blood pressure under control, or if it’d be a good idea to invest in a Blood Pressure Monitor, or not. With a test only taking a couple of minutes at the very most, there’s no excuse whatsoever to not get tested. Living with high blood pressure untreated is dangerous and could lead to heart issues, ranging from a strain being put on your arteries, with the possibility of ruptured arteries as a result – to the immensely serious and dangerous risk of a life threatening heart attack. So, it’s extremely important you get it checked out!

If you come away from a test with completely healthy results, then lucky you. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, however, then you need to consider Blood Pressure Monitors, and which is the best for you depending on your requirements and your situation. There’s many different brands and variations of monitors available, so it’s important to know which has the features which will be useful for you, and which is going to make the most sense for you to use. Ideally, ask your doctor at the time of your blood pressure test which monitor they would recommend – or visit your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist – both will have an extremely good idea of which is going to suit your needs the best.

A test takes a couple of minutes at the very most, so there’s no excuse to not go for it. With no symptoms whatsoever, visit your doctor or pharmacist today, and find out whether you’re living healthily, or see if you’re running the risks of impending heart problems, or worse yet, a life threatening heart attack. With

Staying in Control

There’s a number of very simple ways to keep things under control, things you can fit into your every day routine in order to stay healthy, feel better, and see the immediate effects and differences. Below are four examples of easy ways to keep healthy, though there’s many more!

  • Exercise More – Understandably, keeping active will help to keep down your blood pressure. Exercise for at least three times a week – something simple like a half hour walk is enough, yet a lack of exercise is the main reason for high blood pressure throughout the world.
  • A Healthy Weight – The second, but potentially most obvious one, is to keep your weight down to a healthy level. Excess weight means your body having to work harder throughout the day – eat well and exercise to keep a healthy weight and lessen the strain.
  • Lower Salt Intake – If you enjoy a lot of salt on your food, perhaps think about reducing the amount you have with your meals – a healthy amount of salt in your diet is fine, but too much is proven to cause high blood pressure.
  • Lower Alcohol Intake – More than anything else, alcohol especially is very tough on your blood pressure levels, even if you only drink in moderation. By eliminating or significantly reducing the levels of alcohol you consume, you’ll see immediate benefits.
Posted on 23 Nov 2010

Migraine and Pregnancy

Migraine and pregnancy has been a matter of long discussion or debate among experts. Some school of thought has asserted that because of the increase in the hormonal level (oestrogen and progesterone) of pregnant woman during pregnancy migraine attack is generally lowered or stopped, while others have disapprove that theory and maintain that hormonal level is the key factor of attack. According to this group menopause, menstruation, contraception and pregnancy all influences the attack of migraine on women.

In this article a good look at all the symptoms of migraine attack of pregnant women will be examined and also their root cause and the danger they post to the pregnant woman and the baby. Migraine is a medical condition which is characterized by symptoms of severe form of headache. The major difference between a migraine and headache ids the fact that migraine attack does not respond to headache remedies, its symptoms is usually an intense and throbbing pain on either one or both side of the temple area.


According to statistics, 15 out of 20 women when pregnant suffers from migraine, caused by hormonal replacement therapy, lack of or too much sleep, voluntary or involuntary abstinence from food, bright light, loud noises and strong odour, hormonal changes during menstrual cycle and pregnancy, stress and anxiety, too much of caffeine, food that contains nitrates and monosodium glutamate. Studies have also shown that migraine without aura improves in pregnant women after 3 months of pregnancy while the aura type is likely to continue till birth.


The only known danger is that it can lead the sufferer experiencing blurred vision in a severe case, other symptoms could include persistent headache for hours which causes a lot of discomfort and in some cases fever.


Pregnant women are always advice to make time for themselves to cope with the stress and strain of the day for example eating healthy food, been active. Biofeedback. I.e. learning to monitor and control stress through body responses to stress. Also these women are advice if they suffering from migraine they should avoid buying certain drugs from the shelf e.g. Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Sometimes medicine is administered either for prevention or for stopping one Hot water and ice pack treatment: migraine is caused by expansion of blood vessels in the head causing pressure on nerves, submerging your feet in hot water expands the vessels in the lower extremist, while placing an ice pack at the back of the neck or temple helps constrict the vessels thus allowing free flowing of blood in the vessels.

Posted on 21 Nov 2010

Prayer – A Natural Anxiety Solution

The power of prayer to improve mental health is well-documented. Dale Carnegie included a whole chapter on prayer in his best-selling book Stop Worrying and Start Living.

He included many quotes from famous and successful people about how prayer was a vital factor in their success and serenity.

One of the most significant quotes is by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung from his book Modern Man in Search of a Soul:

“During the past thirty years, people from all the civilized countries of the earth have consulted me. I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among all my patients in the second half of life – that is to say, over thirty-five – there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. It is safe to say that every one of them fell ill because he had lost that which the living religions of every age have given their followers, none of them have been really healed who did not regain his religious outlook.”

He goes on to quote a scientist, physician and Nobel Prize winner, Alexis Carrel, who was quoted in Reader’s digest as saying the following:

“Prayer is the most powerful form of energy one can generate. It is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. As a physician, I have seen men, after all therapies have failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer… “Prayer like radium is a source of luminous, self-generating energy… “In prayer, human beings seek to augment their finite energy by addressing themselves to the Infinite source of all energy. “When we pray, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe. “Whenever we address God in fervent prayer, we change both soul and body for the better. “It could not happen that any man or woman could pray for a single moment without some good result.”

The success of the 12-Step programs hinges on a recognition of a higher power and our dependence on that Infinite energy source to help us take control of our lives.

When we feel hopeless, anxious and out of control it helps to plug into that infinite source of calm and serenity.

Whatever you believe in, the power of prayer is a tool that can greatly help you achieve peace of mind and get rid of anxiety. There are three reasons why prayer is practical even if you are a die-hard agnostic.

Prayer helps us crystallize and put into words exactly what our problem is.
It also gives us a sense of sharing our burdens. Sometimes our problems are too personal to share with others.
And prayer propels us into action. When we pray for something day after day, we tap into the energy source and take action to make our lives better.Why not tap into the power of prayer to help ease your tension and anxiety today?

Posted on 20 Nov 2010
Health Care

Caralluma Actives

For many years,Caralluma, the major content of Caralluma actives has been utilized by for many years for moderating appetite. This impressive hunger suppressant dates back to the ancient tribes men of India. They used caralluma to fight off hunger and control their appetite. This proven history led to actives Caralluma the number one choice for hunger and appetite management. As remarked, it was used by the Indians, specially during times of famine, and actually earned the nickname of the “famine plant.”

Except you’ve never tried dieting before, but most people often end up feeling tired and hungry all the time. Eating has become such a mode of life for them, that almost of the time they are even incognizant that they are snacking on all sorts of things in between meals. Such constant snacking will result in weight gain over time, thus leading to a heart break.

The strong and natural ingredient in Caralluma Actives will lead to your weight loss by first attacking the root problem. It will do this by curbing your appetite and craving. You eat less and lose weight as the supplement makes you feel full. Most people find it tough to contain their food portion. By taking active Caralluma, you stand a better chance of controlling that food portion. Rather of battling with the gym, you now have a proven natural way to drop weight and keep it off for life.

Nothing beats the natural ingredients found within actives caralluma. These natural contents include bitter principles, megastigmane glycosides, pregnane glycosides and much more.

But this isn’t all that caralluma can offer, it offers a whole lot more. To add this it’s amazing benefits, caralluma can help improve your bodies metabolic activity to aid quick weight loss, plus increase your energy level.

In addition to curbing your craving, boosting your energy levels and metabolism, the product is 100% pure caralluma. This makes it stand out and distinctive to other products. With this knowledge, you can feel safe and assured that you won’t experience any side affects whatsoever.

Forfend eating junk food or skipping meals. Use actives caralluma with a good healthy diet plan to get the best results. Apart from just working out, customers combine caralluma actives with a routine exercise to achieve fast weight loss result within days.

If you’re under medication of some sort and you’re unsure about the contents of caralluma actives, please speak to a medical advisor for advice. In summary, carlluma actives is fast becoming the number one choice for curbing appetite and gaining weight loss. The main natural ingredient is caralluma plant, used by tribes men of India to help them sustain hunger during famine.