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Posted on 30 Sep 2012
Alternative Medicine

Digging Out The Best Ringworm Treatment – Manuka Honey

The word ringworm is a misnomer. The disease isn’t the effect of a worm however is instead fungal. There are many different methods of eliminating this condition but there is a new one that’s been slowly obtaining great evaluations. It continues to be called the very best ringworm treatment – Manuka honey.

About one in most five folks are infected with ringworm. The population most likely to belong to this figure are athletes. Among athletes, wrestlers would be the most susceptible.

This form of fungi, just like others, are especially partial to moist locations. This tends to make athletes one of the most susceptible given that they spend lots of time in gym showers and also locker areas. Dogs, cats as well as other domestic animals can carry the illness as nicely. Furthermore, it is contagious on an inter types level. It could be transmitted by means of handling objects that has been handled simply by someone along with ringworm or perhaps via pores and skin contact.

Ringworms feed on keratin which usually abundant could be the outer levels of skin, hair and nails. People experience an increasing red circle on their skin. For some it could cause jock itch within the groin location or athletes foot.

Manuka honey is an all natural cure. Manuka honey is an effective form associated with treatment as it contains hydrogen peroxide. This component in Manuka honey eliminates bacteria.

Using the actual Manuka honey is fast and easy. All the person must do will be put regarding two tablespoons on the pad and also tape that pad for the skin. The pad should be non absorbent as to keep the particular medicine on the skin. The outfitting also ought to be waterproof. Treatment along with Manuka honey proceeds from two weeks to two months with regards to the type of ringworm.

There is another kind of Manuka honey that’s available over the web. Using that one is also simpler. This is because the dressing doesn’t have to end up being removed and also the skin does not have to be rinsed every day. On the problem, it might just cause a few allegoric reactions like breathing difficulty, itching, swelling as well as hives. It may also be added if you use turmeric roots creating a synergistic effect. In order for this, a browse size quantity is juiced after which applied along with the Manuka honey.

Any therapy requires consultation with a physician. It is a natural product which has not elicited any serious side effects. People can purchase it via their computer and discover reviews which state the very best ringworm treatment – Manuka honey.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012

How to Detect and Treat Autism in Children

Autism is a developmental disorder associated with brain development that is permanent and lifelong, and occurs in the first three year of life. Autism effects 1 in every 91 children and boys are 4 times more likely to be affected compared to females. Autism is a qualitative disorder in which the child has the required skills but these skills are impaired. The level of impairment ranges from individual to individual. Some individuals have no speech at all and also have severe learning disabilities while others have average IQ level and adequate communication skills.

It’s crucial for the best outcome of Autism that early intervention is done. The three distinguishing characteristic of autism are lack of social skills, impairment in communication and repetitive and reoccurring behaviours, activities and interest. These features can also be identified when the baby is one and a half year old. The child does not make eye contact with anyone, likes isolation and does not interact or call attention of people around him. This shows social impairment. Lack of communication is also easy to note as the child is slow in the initiation of speech and usually cannot speak until they are two or three years old. They try to avoid communication and when it becomes essential they do not communicate in same manner as normal children. They perform repetitive movements like rocking, ringing hands and spinning. They show unusual play like playing with the wheel of the car alone rather than the whole car. Developing fixations to objects is also common in autistic children. Routines are very important to autistic children and a slight change in routine meets unexpected amount of restraint from the child.

There is no cure of autism it is not a reversible disorder but with treatment and therapy it can be managed. The management plan aims to improve the quality of life of the individual making him functionally independent and trying to reduce the deficits associated with the disorder. The management plan is divided into three categories to treatment the family intervention, behavioural intervention and medication and diet. Family intervention tries to deal with the issues the parents of the child are facing. This later help in the progress of the child as they later act as the co-therapist. Behavioural intervention focuses on improving developmental areas, education and other behavioural issue. Medication is used to treat emotional and behavioural issues. A gluten and casein free diet is recommended to reduce the autistic symptoms in the individual.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012
Dental Care

Whole Body Health Starts at the Dentist

If you visit a dentist on a regular basis you will preserve your overall health. You read that right… when your teeth are healthy, so is the rest of your body.

For the longest of time, the medical community has linked periodontal disease to other more serious illnesses. When your teeth are diseased, you risk heart problems, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. If you are pregnant, periodontal disease could cause you to give birth to an underweight baby. So no matter how you look at it, your teeth are a major gateway to good health.

With that said, if you want to avoid having to deal with the issues mentioned above, you need to get an annual dentist exam. In the meantime, you should thoroughly clean your gums with regular flossing and brushing.

Continue reading to understand why you cannot ignore the importance of regular dental checkups.

During each visit, the dentist will be able to treat any problems you might have. If your teeth are healthy, the dentist will keep them that way with a thorough cleaning. Keep in mind that the dentist has the ability to clean your teeth in a way that you cannot. Regardless of how often you brush or floss, there will always be residual plaque left behind. Only a trained dentist can get rid of the plaque without injuring the surrounding area.

Your dentist will also check for any signs of periodontal disease. The most obvious warning signs range from mouth sores to bleeding gums. However, it is possible to not have any symptoms in the early stages. But if the doctor catches things in time, they can take care of the issue before it spirals out of control.

If your dentist detects periodontal disease they will explain what your options are for treatment. In some cases you may need to get teeth removed, but if your disease is just beginning, your dentist will not have to resort to extreme surgery.

As far as oral cancer, dentists use the Veloscope to detect tumors. It shines a blue ray of light into your mouth.

In any case, by going to the dentist regularly, you will save yourself a great deal of time & money. The reason why is because these checkups will keep you from having to undergo more expensive procedures. Even if you have to pay a fee for your visit, it will never compare to the fees associated with major surgery. Plus, the dentist will give you inside tips on how to clean your gums.

In summary, make sure you get regular dental checkups. The experts recommend that you get visits every six months. If your teeth are exceptionally healthy, you can probably get away with an annual exam.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012

A Caffeine Headache

A caffeine headache can be tiresome, lingering and can be related to tension or negative reactions to caffeine. Often, those who complain about a caffeine headache find that it hits them unexpectedly and that they don’t always get headaches as a result of drinking or not drinking coffee.

Sometimes, such a headache can hit you unexpectedly. For example, you could drink plenty of coffee for 4 days running and on the 5th day, when you drink less coffee, a bad headache hits you and lingers for some time.

Cure or cause?

Scientific studies have proven that caffeine boosts the effectiveness of over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen which is often used to effectively treat pain relief from headaches. That is to say that taking a coffee or can of cola with a painkiller gets you headache relief in less time.

To understand why you may be getting persistent and recurring headaches from coffee or other caffeinated drinks it makes sense to look at the causes.

Caffeine withdrawal

When you drink caffeinated drinks, your blood vessels tend to get tighter and restrict. This is actually the reverse of what happens when you feel a migraine coming on. A migraine is partly caused by the blood vessels in your head that dilate and cause great discomfort and pain. Reversing the process of a migraine is likely to provide you with increased relief, which explains the reason behind caffeine’s ability to boost pain relief fast with some people.

Caffeine withdrawal is when your body has got used to consuming too much caffeine. When you begin to drink less, your blood vessels no longer restrict as easily as they used to. They may even end up more dilated than normal on occasions.

This means you’re more likely to suffer from occasional headaches as a result of reducing your caffeine intake. Your headaches can still occur around the time you drink coffee bizarrely enough. This also means you’re drinking too much coffee in general and you need to cut down.

Reduce coffee intake

Cutting down first to 2 coffees per day (one in the morning, one after lunch) is relatively easy to do. After this, cut down to one coffee per day. If you are able to, only drink coffee on occasions like when you’re tired and need to perform well.

Replace coffee and cola with tea and water when possible. Alternate between black and herbal teas (green tea). Within a week or two, your headaches should start to ease off and you’ll feel awake more naturally in the mornings with less of a need of a caffeine kick.

Caffeine dehydrates you

Being a diuretic, caffeinated drinks cause you to urinate more often. Did you notice that when you drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee, you need to go more often? Indeed, dehydration can cause headaches. When liquids are expelled from the body at a faster rate than normal, water is taken from parts of our bodies such as the brain.

You’ll notice that in some countries water is served with coffee in caf├ęs. This is not only to rid the mouth of the taste of stale coffee, but also to dehydrate your body after drinking the coffee. If you’re dehydrated you increase the risk of a headache. Make sure you drink enough water together with coffee.

Furthermore, expelling water from your body at a higher rate than normal can deplete essential nutrients from your body. This, combined with dehydration, can intensify headache pains and migraines. This brings us to the next point.

Improve blood circulation

Many caffeine headaches can be relieved by simply improving blood circulation. Even if you are fit and healthy with excellent blood circulation, you may be low on essential oils that your brain and body benefit greatly from. Add plenty of fish such as sardines, anchovies and salmon to your diet. These are rich in essential oils.

If you’re not so keen on cooking or eating fish then fast track yourself to health by taking Omega 3 supplements. Another great way to prevent headaches is to improve your sleeping position and invest in a great pillow! A water pillow will support and adjust to your head’s position however you move during your sleep.

You’ll reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep and reduce circulation problems and eliminate neck pain this way.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012
Health Care

Hormone Balancing – Balancing Yourself

Hormones are actually the chemicals secreted by various organs in our body. Hormone controls and moderate cellular activity and behavior. The lack of hormones like serotonin may cause depression in you. Progesterone levels decrease may lead to menopause and the testosterone has great influence on the overall muscle tone and strength in both women and men. Hormone balancing is necessary phenomena to be maintained so as to keep your bodily activity to proceed in hassle-free manner.

There are various means to conduct hormone tests. But still the best way to check your hormonal balance is to verify how actually you feel. When there is no imbalance, you feel absolutely well. You will not lack energy and will not crave sweet or salty foods. Your weight will remain stable and also you can enjoy an uninterrupted, consistent sleeping pattern. You look and feel both healthy and young. When hormone move on to an unbalanced state, the affected may face difficulty in focusing, will get and retain tiredness always. This may cause you to become insomniac and you are no more interested in sex. You usually gain weight and get bloated. Pains and aches are developed in joints, the skin gets dry and wrinkled and also you may become subject to heart diseases, arthritis, digestive problems and osteoporosis. You need not have to jump higher hurdles to gain back your hormonal balance if it is the primary state. You should get ample but enough amount of sleep because for the reproduction of certain hormones sleeping is vital.

You should also get yourself indulged in exercises as it is critical for the regulation process. Regular movements can only bring back the balance in metabolism. Thus it improves the health of lung, heart and organs, brain chemistry and blood pressure. The role of diet is also vital. Hormones are built generally out of the fats and so consumption of healthy fats is always recommended. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and fish are the important sources of needed fats. In case of severe conditions medication becomes the unavoidable option. Such cases usually are thyroid problems and menopause. There are various therapies for replacement of hormones.

It is always advisable to try self-care techniques first. Maintain healthy lifestyle and take, healthy food, proper exercise and adequate sleep. There are a lot of medicines and therapies available for hormone balancing. Selecting the skilled, talented and experienced specialist is the only matter of concern.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012

Facial Blushing Cures

It is true that facial blushing is normal and all of us, at one point or another, have had occasion to blush. However, if you experience excessive blushing I am certain you will share my opinion that it can be an extremely stressful time when you are the only individual blushing.

For the majority of us, being an open book to the others around us is definitely not desirable and typically, facial blushing is connected with being timid or being afraid. This is why increasingly a number of individuals experiencing facial redness and blushing are thinking about blushing cures to reduce its effects. Harsh cases of blushing are known as idiopathic cranio-facial erythema; more or less any minor trigger can result in very noticeable facial blushing. There are various kinds of blushing cures available for these conditions; psychological treatments, drug treatments and blushing surgery treatments.

Psychological Treatments

One of the main reasons for blushing is social phobia and direct psychological treatments typically produce exceptional results. Psychological treatment could include unintentional blushing which is widespread among individuals who experience social phobia. In the majority of cases, these conditions respond very well to treatment. Cognitive behavior therapy or CBT is a form of psychological treatment that is intended to assist individuals in changing their thinking patterns and behavior in social situations. Another commonly used psychological treatment is breathing techniques because anxiety symptoms are brought on by hyperventilation. Yet another method administered to treat facial blushing is fear confrontation; the patient receives assistance from a counselor in overcoming social fears and recovering from the social phobias.

Drug Treatments

Propanthelin, Ditropan and Robinol, in conjunction with a series of anticholinergic drugs are fine choices as it directly relates to excessive blushing and facial redness. These provide a more traditional approach and ought to be tried prior to the consideration of any surgical operation. This approach can supply patients with great results. Some choose to mix drugs such as Xanax with the blushing treatment. Other methods of treatment may include bio feedback, although this has not been established as being very effective. Clonidine, Beta-blockers and Anxiety medications are also utilized in facial blushing cures.

Blushing Surgery

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy or ETS is a prospective treatment for facial blushing. It was considered to be responsible for reduced facial blushing in patients who utilized it for palmar hyperhidrosis treatments. However, later studies have concluded that ETS is not really a good alternative for this condition. The sweat levels it fabricates and the various side effects are strong arguments against the use of ETS for facial blushing cures. With ETS out of the equation, you can select one of the other treatments.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012

Ways To Help Children With Autism

When a child has been diagnosed with autism there are many characteristics of autism that children may display. Children with autism do not demonstrate the same symptoms as the other so it’s important to recognize every symptoms in case there are just one of the symptoms recognized.

Children with autism may not act as though anything is wrong until after the age of two when the child development stages are not noticed. By the age of two, children usually display many different signs that show they are progressing well.

However children with autism may show one of the following symptoms:

Cannot smile and return a smile when you smile at them. This can occur anywhere from age six months and up. They cannot mimic sounds and facial expressions. This is usually noticeable by the age of nine months however if the child doesn’t mimic your facial expressions or sounds by the age of two there may be a problem.

Children with autism cannot talk by the age of sixteen months of age. If a child said something at first but then quite talking then this may also be a sign of autism. The child cannot point, reach, wave, or show you something by the age of one year old.

Parents and child care providers may notice that a child is not responding in as early as a year old but may decide to wait until the child turns two before worrying about it. When the doctor is notified that the parents and or child care giver has noticed a problem, they may order further testing to rule out other types of disabilities.

When children with autism interact with other children, they do not want to play with others, mimic others, or share toys with others. They simply focus on one part of a toy, usually something that goes around or runs, and will not play with any toys other than that one. They will not share that toy with others either.

Children with autism will need to be placed on medications to control the behavioral outbursts as well as other medication depending on what the doctor decides to do.

It’s important that parents of children with autism learn all they can about the condition and learn how to help their child handle activities of daily living. When you work together as a family, children with autism tend to display less symptoms than those who do not have a complete support team. Everyone involved in that child’s life should be a part of their care.

Children with autism like to have a routine that doesn’t change in any way. A simple change is something that upsets them and therefore you should create a schedule that does allow some freeway in schedule changing. Don’t jam pack their schedule so they do not have an opportunity to change anything. Take charge of your child’s schedule and don’t allow anyone to change the schedule without first checking with you. Children with autism can lead a happy life surrounded by those who love and care for them.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012
Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones – The Healthier Way to Lose Weight

Obesity is not just all about gaining weight. It can lead to various kinds of health complications like cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, dementia, migraine, arthritis, diabetes, hepatic disorders, and so forth. Additionally, it also reduces your mental strength and physical stamina. There are several ways to lose weight like imposing dietary restrictions, performing different types of exercises, taking in medicines and using odd physical therapies. However, most of these methods cause irreparable damage to your body. For instance, extensive dietary restrictions can result in nutritional deficiencies. Likewise, excessive exercise can lead to muscle fatigue, soft-tissue injury, osteoporosis, sleeplessness, depression, etc. Weight loss medicines and therapies also have detrimental effects. Is there a healthier way to lose weight? Well, the answer is quite simple, raspberry ketones.

Raspberry, an edible fruit, is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium. In addition to these, it also contains a large amount of ketones, which is a phenolic compound that helps you to lose weight without harming your body. Raspberry ketones, also known as Rheosmin, Frambinone and Rasketone, accelerates the release of hormone called norephinephrine. The primary function of this hormone is to trigger lipolysis, a process in which the fat stored in your body is broken down into simpler products, like free fatty acids and glycerol, to yield energy.

Some of the food that you take in is stored in the adipose tissue as fat. If you aren’t getting all the energy that you need from your daily diet, then the stored fat is assimilated to replenish the shortage. Obesity occurs when you consume large quantities of food, more than what your body needs. All the extra food gets converted into fat. By sparking off lipolysis, raspberry ketones help burn off excess fat and thereby reduce your weight.

The molecular structure of raspberry ketones is quite similar to capsaicin and synephrine. These two compounds play a significant role in thermogenesis, a process in which the body is stimulated to produce heat through the oxidation of fat. In simple words, thermogenesis is another way through which rasketones help in weight loss.

With respect to raspberry ketones, a large number of options are easily available in the market. However, all of them are not safe for consumption. Before buying, make sure that the manufacturer is reputable, the price is reasonable, the ingredients are safe, and money-back guarantee is on offer. Also don’t forget to consult your physician. Although no adverse effects have been reported till date, but there is literally no harm is taking all the recommended precautions.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012
Heart Disease

Trans Fats/Saturated Fats

Have you seen any food warnings lately about ‘trans fats’? You probably have, because they’re everywhere! But what are trans fats? Sometimes they’re referred to as saturated fats, and in many places they are being targeted along with saturated fats as the ‘bad boys’ you want to avoid if you don’t want heart disease. Yet saturated and trans fats are very, VERY different, even though ‘trans fats’ ARE saturated. Confusing? You betcha. But knowing the difference could save your health, and maybe your life!

Did you know that saturated fat is found NATURALLY around your heart, in your cell walls, in your brain, and in the linings of your lungs? It is a natural component of your body, and one that your body needs. Another fact you need to know is that, chemically, saturated fats are stable, because the carbon atoms in them are all bound to hydrogen atoms – the bonds are ‘saturated’. They are not likely to react with other compounds, causing free radicals. Saturated fat is found in foods such as butter, animal fat, whole milk, and coconut oil, all of which were consumed heartily before the 1950’s, until ‘warnings’ were given that saturated fat would increase heart disease.

To solve the problem of too much saturated fat (which never was a problem – heart disease was rare in America until the early 1900’s), men took unsaturated oils such as corn and soybean oil (liquid in their natural state), exposed them to extremely high temperatures and pressure in the presence of hydrogen, and created a pseudo-saturated substance that not only solidified the oils, but also created a product that the cells in our bodies CAN’T recognize! The process is known as hydrogenation, and the by-product of hydrogenation is partially hydrogenated oils, resulting in ‘trans fats’. ( Full hydrogenation would result in too hard a substance for consumption).

Are the ‘trans fats’ the same as naturally saturated fats? Technically, they are saturated, but in NO way are they the same as what mother nature has given us! Though they may look, feel, and even taste something like the real thing, they aren’t the same!! The chemical structure may be similar, but they are still different! Trans fats interfere with normal cell metabolism, have been shown to reduce good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol; they have been linked to diabetes, cancer, brain damage and obesity. They are UNNATURAL and our bodies know the difference, even if we don’t!

Could it be that the rise in heart disease during the past 60+ years has NOT been from too many saturated fats (natural ones, that is), but from the extreme change in diet from NATURAL foods to refined, processed foods, unsaturated oils, and ‘hydrogenated hybrids’?

Don’t be fooled by look-a-likes that are as different as night and day. True saturated fats are NATURAL and healthy; man-made saturated fats – resulting in ‘trans-fats’ – can be deadly (literally!) Deep-frying in shortening is NOT wise. Using lard is much safer. Baking with shortenings is not a good idea either. My suggestion would be to find some coconut oil for all your baking purposes. Use real butter rather than margarine. Eating margarine is like eating plastic that has been softened, colored, and flavored!

Our bodies take a LOT! They are wonderfully made! But… they do break down, some faster than others. With heart disease and cancer on the rise, be WISE. Feed your bodies natural, live food given to us by our Maker. Your body will thank you!

Posted on 27 Sep 2012
Alternative Medicine

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil and the plant/herb are very popular throughout the world. Here we are going to take a look at this wonder of nature and discover some of its little known uses. After you finish this article you should have a pretty good understanding of this wonderful herb.

Basil in and of itself is mainly thought of as an herb used in cooking. It is also used in various rituals in different cultures around the world. It can even be used as a cleaning product if you are into making your own cleaning formulas.

Basil essential oil is kind of watery, and is pale yellow in color. It has a warm peppery like scent. It comes from many different places such as Egypt, France, and Spain to name a few. When processed, mainly the stems, and leaves are used. The most effective way to process basil is via steam distilling.

As a oil it has many uses. Some of the more popular uses of this oil as a remedy include fatigue, stress, headaches, and it can really help with concentration issues. This fantastic oil can also act as a stimulant, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the peppery like property it has.

It is also used as a marvelous digestive like tonic. If you have an infection of some type, basil has strong anti infection, and anti biotic properties.

Basil blends well with most essential oils such as pepper, cedar chamomile, coriander, fennel, and ginger to name a few.

Now that you know some of the properties and uses of basil, you also need to know that it should not be used by certain people, and conditions. Basil should not be used if you are pregnant, or breast feeding. It should not be used if you have sensitive skin. If you are not sure you have sensitive skin test it out on a small patch of skin to see if you have any adverse effects.

Should you ever have any reactions to an aromatherapy essential oil, you should stop using it right away. It’s always best to consult with a health professional should you have any questions.

This oil should not be used by children under 16 years of age. Kids under 16 years old tend to have more sensitive skin than adults. As we age we have the ability to develop a tolerance to certain things, and basil essential oil is one of them.