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Posted on 23 Sep 2014


St John’s Wort

Like any other supplement or herbal medication it is important to tell your doctor if you are taking it, particularly if you are on any other prescribed or over-the-counter medication Online Canadian Pharmacy. Taking St John’s wort at the same time as other antidepressant medication is dangerous and can cause a very serious and potentially fatal condition called serotonin syndrome. If you are thinking about taking St John’s wort, have a good chat with your family doctor or pharmacist, who will be able to advise you appropriately.

A Test for Depression

The table on the next page shows a questionnaire used by doctors to help diagnose depression. Known as the PHQ-9, it was developed by Drs Robert L. Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke and colleagues, with an educational grant from Pfizer Inc.

Issues to Consider With Your Doctor

Take the time to discuss your ideas, concerns and worries with your doctor. For some men this may be the only sounding board they have to discuss such emotional feelings:

  • Could my symptoms indicate depression?
  • Is medication the best option for treating my depression?
  • What non-drug treatments might help my depression?
  • What self-help strategies might help reduce my depression?
  • If I decide to take medication, should I pursue talking therapy or counselling as well?

What About Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

SAD syndrome, also known as ‘winter blues’, is very common; it is thought to affect at least one in ten Irish men. Maybe the other nine out of ten are in denial! It is not clear exactly what causes it but a lack of sunlight appears to trigger changes in the balance of certain chemicals in the brain, which can trigger a depression-like illness. Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder include:

  • Fatigue
  • Excess sleep
  • Food cravings and weight gain
  • Feeling a little ‘blue’
  • Sometimes some of the other symptoms of depression (as described above)

My own personal observation is that these symptoms become especially noticeable in the post-Christmas months of January and February.

What Are the Treatment Options for SAD?

Treatment options include the standard treatment options for other types of depression, including St John’s wort or other antidepressant medications. A good exercise programme can be protective and a bit of winter sun can work wonders. Light therapy can also be an effective option for some men.

Light therapy of SAD

Light therapy can be an effective way to help winter blues by stimulating the brain chemicals that help mood. This treatment consists of sitting in front of a very bright light of about 2500 watts (about ten times the strength of an ordinary light bulb) for about half an hour every day. The light must face you, but you do not have to look directly into it. So, you can continue to work, read and so on while facing the light source.

Posted on 22 Sep 2014
Diseases > Men`s Health

Hernia. All about Your Balls

Hernia and Canadian pharmacy viagra

The muscle wall of the stomach area normally forms a good protective barrier to the intestines that lie underneath it. If this muscle wall weakens in an area then the intestines can bulge through. This is called a hernia. Hernias occur most commonly in the groin area as this is usually the weakest point of the abdominal muscle wall. Sometimes hernias can be seen elsewhere, such as at the site of an old operation scar or near the belly button. Occasionally, particularly in obese individuals, a hernia occurs in the centre of the abdominal wall where the muscle layers join together. Over time hernias can increase in size and sometimes hernias in the groin area can track all the way down into the scrotum.

The main symptom is a bulge or lump felt under the skin. A hernia may be first noticed after a strain, for example, lifting a heavy object or coughing. This lump can usually be pushed back at first. Hernias may cause a sense of discomfort but they are not usually painful.

Hernias can be successfully treated by a small operation, which can normally be done as a day case procedure. A stitch or mesh is put into the weakened muscle area to strengthen it. It is important not to do any heavy lifting for several weeks after this procedure to minimise the chance of recurrence.

Treatment to fix a hernia is normally advised because, if untreated, it may become bigger with time. There is also a small chance that a hernia might strangulate. This is where the bowel bulging through the gap in the muscle twists, cutting off its blood supply. This can cause severe pain and requires an emergency operation to fix it. It is not unlike torsion of the testis. Fortunately, strangulation of a hernia is uncommon but it is a good reason to have your hernia fixed routinely.

Peyronie’s Disease of the Penis

Peyronie’s disease is a condition of the penis where firm rope-like or fibrous plaques form in the soft spongy tissue of the penis. These plaques don’t stretch so that, when the man develops an erection, the penis tends to bend. Sometimes this bend can become so severe that sexual intercourse becomes impossible. Peyronie’s disease is not linked to either infection or cancer of the penis.

Who Can Get Peyronie’s Disease?

Any man can develop Peyronie’s disease. It usually occurs in men aged over 40, but can be seen in younger men.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms?

The exact cause is not yet fully understood. In some men there may be a family history of this condition. Many men who get Peyronie’s disease also have diabetes or heart disease. Some men who get Peyronie’s disease also have Dupuytren’s contracture, which is a similar fibrotic condition found in the tendons in the palm of the hand that causes a progressive bending, usually of the fourth finger.

Posted on 22 Sep 2014
Lung Health

Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae

The results of the present study showed that PCR on pleural fluid samples can be a valuable test to diagnose pneumococcal pneumonia. The sensitivity and the specificity of the method were 78% and 93%, respectively, in patients with pneumonia, attending to results provided by alternative techniques. In comparison, the sensitivity of pleural fluid culture was only 22%. In addition, the PCR results were positive in 12% of patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology; although these cases were considered as false-positive results, they might certainly represent patients with pneumococcal pneumonia undetected by conventional methods. Unfortunately, a few unquestionably false-positive results were observed in the study of patients without pneumonia.

Prospective studies evaluating the etiology of CAP in adults have failed to identify the cause in 40 to 60% of patients. Blood cultures are very specific, but they have a low sensitivity, and the significance of Gram stain and culture of sputum is uncertain.2 In this context, pleural fluid, when present, can be considered as an attractive target to perform etio-logic studies for several reasons. First, a significant amount of parapneumonic effusion is detected by chest radiography in approximately 40% of patients with CAP.1 Second, in addition to the microbiology, biochemical examination is very useful for guiding therapeutic decisions; therefore, when a clinically important effusion is present, the pleural aspiration should be done routinely. And finally, the technique is not uncomfortable for patients, is associated with a low risk of complications, and always provides a valuable and specific sample, if we exclude a potential contamination by the habitual skin flora. However, the bacteriologic study of pleural fluid, based on Gram stain and cultures, is limited by the lack of sensitivity, particularly when criteria for empyema or complicated parapneumonic effusion are absent.14 Therefore, investigations with the use of new and more sensitive tests are needed.

Posted on 18 Sep 2014
Cancer > Health Care

BPH and Prostate


In the past the only effective treatment for BPH was an operation known as a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), where the prostate gland was cut and removed or reduced in size. Unfortunately, however, the cure can be worse than the disease accutane canada pharmacy. Complications, including impotence, difficulties with ejaculation and problems with urinary continence, can occur, which can raise important issues about a man’s quality of life. New forms of minimally invasive prostate surgery are becoming available, including laser surgery. The key issue is to fully understand the risks and benefits of any proposed procedure so that a fully informed decision can be taken. Sometimes the best treatment may be no treatment at all. A decision to undergo surgery should not be taken lightly and reaching one should involve a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits with your urologist.

BPH and Prostate Cancer

BPH can interfere with the diagnosis of prostate cancer as it can cause the PSA level to increase. An increased PSA level does not indicate cancer, but the higher the PSA level the higher the chances of having cancer. Some of the signs of BPH and prostate cancer are the same. However, having BPH does not seem to increase the chances of developing prostate cancer. A man who has BPH may also have undetected prostate cancer at the same time or may develop prostate cancer in the future. Always consult your doctor for more information if you have any concerns in this area.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that can affect any man and has no respect for upbringing or address. Irish men have about a one in twelve chance of developing prostate cancer over the course of their lifetime. The vast majority of these cases occur in men over the age of 50. The frequency of prostate cancer is on the rise in Irish men. It has become the most common cancer in men, overtaking lung cancer. With PSA testing on the increase and an ageing population, the incidence of prostate cancer is predicted to rise ahead of breast cancer in women over the next decade.

Prostate cancer differs from most other cancers in the body because small areas of cancer within the prostate are very common and may stay dormant for many years. Most of these cancers grow extremely slowly and so, particularly in elderly men, will never cause any problems. In a small proportion of men, the prostate cancer does grow more quickly and in some cases may spread to other parts of the body, particularly the bones.

Posted on 17 Sep 2014

Skin and Testicular Cancer

Treatment of Skin Cancer

Most skin cancers are treated by simply removing the lesion. This is then analysed in the pathology laboratory under the microscope to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes small non-melanoma skin cancers can be successfully treated by freezing the cancer off or by radiation treatment.

For melanoma, subsequent treatment will depend on how far the condition has spread prior to diagnosis. Interferon, a drug that alters the immune system, is sometimes used to treat patients with melanoma.

Prevention of Skin Cancer

The best way to prevent skin cancer is to be sun aware and protect your skin:

  • Avoid sunburn and avoid excessive sun exposure. Minimise exposure to the midday sun (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • Apply sunscreen all over your body and regularly use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, even on cloudy days, on all areas of your body that are exposed to the sun. This protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, even on cloudy days. Reapply after swimming or perspiring.
  • Avoid exposure to UV radiation from sunlamps or tanning parlours.
  • Wear protective clothing. Hats should provide shade for both the face and back of the neck. Wearing sunglasses will reduce the amount of rays reaching the eye by filtering most of the rays. This helps to protect the eyelids as well as the lens.
  • Remember, sand and pavements reflect UV rays even under an umbrella.
  • Snow is a particularly good reflector of UV rays. Reflective surfaces can reflect up to 85 per cent of the damaging sun rays. Don’t forget your sunscreen on your skiing holiday.
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Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a young man’s disease. It is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 34. Testicular cancer is the exception to the rule that most cancer occurs in middle-aged or older men. It is more common in white men, for reasons that are unknown.

The incidence of testicular cancer has been increasing in recent years. However it is one of the most curable forms of cancer, provided it is diagnosed early, which is why awareness of it is so important Canadian Pharmacy cialis. Practising regular testicular self-examination allows testicular problems, including testicular cancer, to be diagnosed early and cured. Tragically, many men still remain unaware of the importance of this simple and potentially life-saving measure. And many men who are aware still delay unnecessarily before seeking medical help.

Testicular cancer is a ‘germ cell cancer’ as the cells which become cancerous are those involved with making sperm. Testicular cancers are divided into two main types, depending on the type of cell causing the cancer: seminomas, which occur in about half of all cases, and non-seminomas, which make up the rest and are mainly teratomas, but include some other rare types. It is important to know which kind of cell the cancer started from because these types of cancer may be treated differently.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014
Health Care

Invasive Devices and Mechanical Interventions: Other Devices.

Normally applicable for older men in long term relationships because they are cumbersome and generally need an established partner relationship while you get your Dick ready for action – not a good look on a first date:

a) External Penile Splints. These are either external splints providing rigidity, or hollow firm covers for your Dick like a dildo sleeve. There are other ways to keep your Dick warm, but seriously, who wants to have sex with splints or a cover, not to mention the effort of getting them on or the potential awkwardness of being seen with one on!

b) Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) with/without Constriction Rings. These pumps are usually used in conjunction with constriction rings (colloquially also know as cock rings). Your Dick is placed in a plastic cylinder which is attached to a pump. The pump is used to create a vacuum. The vacuum in turn induces blood into your Dick making him erect. When you are happy with the hardness of the erection you remove the pump and place a constriction ring at his base. This is to keep the blood flow in place and keep your Dick erect and ready for sex. Personally, I dislike vacuums and there is not much to them so they are relatively inexpensive.

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Disadvantages are that they are cumbersome and generally need an established relationship while you fiddle about getting ready – again not for a first date. Some men have also complained of pain, numbness and bruising from the ring. Also, that the erections are not firm enough and are “wobbly”.

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There is a more serious disadvantage in that they can cause real damage to your Dick if the constriction ring is in place for more than 30 minutes. Imagine having a timer controlling your  sexual encounter cruise! You should only consider using VED products which contain a vacuum-limiting device to avoid injury to your Dick due to excessive negative pressure. On top of all that, they don’t tackle the root cause of your ED condition and are just a prop you have to carry around. Try explaining their use to security at any airport.

c) Cock Rings – on their own! Cock rings or other such contraptions that fasten around the base of your Dick. The theory is that blood is trapped in him by the tight band. Apart from the unhelpful distraction of attaching the ring after your Dick has managed an erection, I repeat that there is real danger of damage if the blood is trapped for more than a short period of time. A cock ring is yet another contraption to distract you from real therapy to treat the source of your ED and to get your Dick to erect naturally. You may like Веуопсё singing: “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!” but, it’s dubious therapeutic advice.

Posted on 08 Sep 2014
Sexual relationships

Managing adult sexual relationships

Growing up, I had few friends and little social interaction. CAH can affect your social life both through its impact on self-esteem, body image and confidence but also through the necessity, for some, for frequent hospital visits and in-patient stays simply to stay well and alive. Like any teenager, I had begun to have sexual feelings but was too scared and frightened to explore them. So, while my friends and peers seemed to be getting on with their lives and having boyfriends, I avoided the issue, shut off and suppressed feelings, got on with my schooling and then work. I felt isolated and lonely and lacked confidence around people – a very common experience for those with CAH. I wondered how anyone could love or want me, thought that I could not reciprocate and felt a failure – though more failed by society and doctors as surgery made me look worse than ‘nature’s mistakes’. Canadian health care mall online  – buy viagra and cialis.

Libido is another unknown. For many women it can range from ‘low’ to ‘high’. With CAH this is also true but excess testosterone and androgens can, for some, cause libido to be very high. CAH can thus be a ‘treble-edged sword’: it can be life-threatening, result in surgical damage to genitalia (particularly the clitoris) and cause high libido. Anorgasmia, dyspareunia (pain on sexual intercourse) and sexual frustration are often reported.

With the body’s ‘hormonal soup’ being disturbed by CAH, stress is also common, as is depression in both females and males. Socialization and the ability to emotionally bond may also be impeded, as recent research has suggested that the brain’s amygdala may be affected through prenatal hormones.

As I got older and my friends gradually paired off, settled down, mar-ried and started to have children, my ‘body clock’ started ticking and I wondered if I would ever meet anyone who would accept me. I did meet someone in my twenties and we had a relationship but he found it difficult to accept what CAH was and the damage the surgery had caused so, after a few years, we split up. Instead of bringing us closer together, sex drove us further apart. While most people experience pleasure, I was just experiencing pain, both physical and emotional. Painkillers were no use as then I was completely numb and felt nothing at all. If I did not take them, despite my partner being very gentle whenever we had sexual intercourse, I would feel nothing but intense physical pain and would sit with tears streaming down my face, which did neither of us any good. I felt emotional pain too: I had been brought up to believe that only doctors could ever touch me, so when I fell in love I felt it was wrong for my boyfriend to touch me and would get vivid flashbacks to gynaecological examinations.

I consulted my GP but his only advice was ‘use it or lose it’ (meaning that the surgically repaired vagina was shrinking) so I asked for a referral to a gynaecologist. By the time I got a referral it was too late, the relationship was failing and the female gynaecologist I saw, although nice, had no experience of CAH. I was told to persevere and to take painkillers.

I still had little explanation as to what exactly had been done to me or why. I felt a failure as a woman, but also felt ‘at least it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’. I just threw myself back into work and studies to forget.

My experience of gynaecologists and surgical outcomes is not uncommon, including among younger women of today, and many relate similar experiences to the AHN support group. Others are too frightened to enter into relationships for fear of rejection or the need for further surgery. However, some do find caring, understanding partners and go on to gain some pleasure from sexual activities despite pain, emotional upset and compromised ability to achieve orgasm.

Posted on 04 Sep 2014
Heart Disease

Strokes – Important Information You Need To Know About Strokes

A stroke occurs when the brain does not receive enough blood to it. As a result brain cells are destroyed, and permanent damage may occur. Strokes can change the way be people see things, move around to accomplish tasks, speak to others, and go about their daily lives. There is valuable information about strokes, that consumers need to be aware of.

There are two main causes of strokes, the first is, a clot. This clot comes from another part of the body and prevents blood in a blood vessel or blood in the artery circulating to the brain, and an artery can bleed around and in the brain. Viagra pharmacy Canada
There are many people who have come back from the condition of a stroke and can to some extent get back some or all of their skills back. Speech assistance and physical therapy has been known to attribute to the help of this occurring.The people who are known to have strokes are usually around the ages of 40 years old. This is the most occurring age. Children and younger adults can also suffer from stroke complications. Different races of people have also been known to have strokes. Strokes have no limitation on what race you are. African American’s have an increased risk of having a stroke and are almost two times as likely to die as a result of one. They also have a lot more damage that is done, as a result of the stroke. People who have heart disease also have an increased risk of having a stroke, certain kinds of heart disease can cause this.

There are ways to lower the risk of having strokes. You can control your blood pressure, by having high blood pressure this can add to the possibilities that a stroke can occur. You should get your blood pressure checked as often as possible. Stop smoking, smoking can cause damage in the form of blood clots and can make your blood pressure to become higher. Exercise daily, by you exercising you are making your heart stronger and helping the blood to flow more freely through the body. When you exercise you are helping your self to control your weight and therefore decreasing your chances of different diseases. Lastly, control your diabetes, this can cause damage to blood vessels in the brain and provide an increased risk of stroke.

Never ignore the signs or symptoms of a stroke. You may feel better after a short while, but there is a still a possibility that you may have what is called “mini strokes” and may make you vulnerable to have a full-blown stroke at a later time. You should call 911 if you ever have any of the following signs: Your arms and legs get weak, you lose part of your site in one or both eyes, you have a difficult time walking or standing by yourself, you get a bad headache for no apparent reason, or your face feels numb suddenly.

The source below will help you to get good health information and valuable health tips in helping you to stay healthy. This site will provide consumers with latest information concerning living a healthy life, health related topics and stroke topics that can be researched. Keep yourself and your family updated with this site and valuable information.

Posted on 01 Sep 2014

7 Health Tips for Keeping Asthma Under Control

Living with asthma may not be the easiest thing for anyone to live with, regardless of their age. However, by educating yourself on the illness, you can get a better understanding of how it affects your body and how to control it.

The following are 7 health sildenafil citrate Australia tips to help you keep your asthma under control:

1. Learn to Recognize the Symptoms
For many people, asthma attacks seem to sneak up on them and before they know it, they are in a situation that seems out of control. By carefully monitoring your symptoms, you will have a better idea of when an attack is going to happen.

2. Educate Yourself on Your Medications
A lot of people who are treated for asthma simply follow their doctor’s instructions for taking their medications. The fact is that you might be on several medications and each one is going to get a different result. For example, you may have one medicine that is used for prevention, while another, like a steroid, is to be used for a more serious episode.

3. Keep a Journal on Your Symptoms
Every person diagnosed with asthma should keep a journal on the symptoms, as it can lead to great discoveries on what is actually causing the attacks. Each entry should include what symptoms you are feeling, as well as any reading from your peak flow meter. – buy viagra in Sydney online go here

4. Learn What is Triggering an Attack
For a lot of asthmatics, understanding what triggers an attack is how they are able to keep such great control over this illness. Simple weather changes could affect your breathing ability and understanding this could help you to know when the right times to take your medications are and which ones to take.

5. Plan a Diet that Includes Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
As many fruits and vegetables are considered to be antioxidants, it is important to add them into the diet. Vitamins C and E are well known for their anti-inflammatory effects and can actually help to reduce irritation or swelling in the lungs.

6. Keep Your Weight Down
Being overweight can easily cause more asthma attacks in the individual. By keeping your weight down, you can reduce the number of symptoms that you experience. Even just losing a few pounds will make a difference.

7. Schedule Consults With Your Doctor
The biggest and most important tool you have to help fight your asthma is your doctor. Their experience and education will play a vital role in how well you are able to reduce your symptoms. Regular visits with your doctor can help determine what triggers an attack and they can advise you on how to get it under better control.