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Posted on 22 Sep 2015
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Operative therapy of the erectile dysfunction

The surgery is indicated to those patients who have not experienced the effect of conservative therapy methods. Besides, it is very important to understand that it is necessary to try all the adequate methods of medicinal or psychological treatment first, as any damage of body integrity is dangerous for the patient’s health.

Moreover, the choice if the method of surgery treatment fully depends on the cause of the erectile dysfunction. If the impotency is the result of the damage of penis, the surgery for the reconstruction of penis vessels is indicated, although it may be performed only on patients under the age of forty. The surgery should be performed in the specialized medical centres provided the presence of all necessary equipment and qualified personnel.

Operative therapy of the erectile dysfunction

Quite an unpleasant moment in the process of any surgery in the pelvis area is the damage of a great number of the nervous terminals, situated there. This may result in the erectile dysfunction. However, it is worth of mentioning that nowadays such complications become rarer and rarer. Usually this happens only if it is impossible not to damage a nerve. However, now the surgeons do not leave the nervous tissue separated. Now they perform either the neurosuture or the transplantation from other parts of the body. Thus, if you are to undergo the urinal bladder or the prostate gland surgery, be ready to face the minor complications that will leave you soon.

Thus, there are two main types of surgery: prosthesis and the reconstructive surgery of the penis vessels. Besides, it is necessary to consider the advantages of the surgery and the risks that emerge in the process of surgery. It is desirable to discuss it with your partner and ask about her opinion concerning the matter.

Penis prosthesis is simpler and safer operation, and the reconstructive surgery of the penis vessels is more complicated in performance, but it can produce better effect, and it should be only performed by the surgeons-urologists that attended additional courses.

Preventive measures

At the beginning it is necessary to choose the correct approach to understanding of the sexual intercourse. Do not hesitate to discuss the problems with your partner to remove all the psychological barriers and get rid of depressing anxiety. This will help to establish trust relationship between you that will only improve the quality of sex. Know more about erectile dysfunction drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall Company.

Of course, everyone should understand that the strength of your erection will decrease with age anyway. However, even this state may be compensated. Thus, for example, the prelude, the role play and other types of erotic stimulation will maintain your sexual function at the appropriate level.

If you want to feel a real man always, you will benefit greatly from the smoking cessation, withdrawal from alcohol drinks and drugs. It also very important not to consume a big number of products that contain cholesterol as it may lead to the development of atherosclerosis. Besides, it would be good to get rid of the excessive weight and engage into active physical training. It is due to these preventive measures you will be able to maintain your erection even in the later life.

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