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Posted on 06 Jun 2018
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10 Expert Tips from Canadian Drugstore to Use of Generic Cialis 

What Do We Know about It?

According to medical terminology, Generic Cialis is a pharmaceutical product which is able to restore erectile function for men in different age groups. A lot of people cannot but wonder: what is the difference between Cialis and its generic? Experts from Canadian Drugstore are ready to answer all your questions. They share one opinion that technically, generics are the same products which are sold at much lower price. Their composition comprises identical active substance and has similar action to the original which meets all requirements of standardization applicable to medicinal products. The main advantage of generic Cialis is its fast action which lasts during 1,5 days. Thus, a person is able to choose the time for sex on his own. For instance, the drug may be taken in the evening and preserve steady erection even the next day.

Besides, a lot of couples dream of long-lasting sexual intercourse upon condition that brightness and sensory acuity preserve. Generic Cialis effect will occur in around thirty minutes causing affluent blood supply to sexual organ. Cialis allows a man to have natural reaction, which means that erection doesn’t occur at an inopportune moment. The drug doesn’t build up tolerance.

During sexual stimulation, generic Cialis accumulates blood in pelvic organs allowing provoking erection when it is required. Besides, generic Cialis is beneficial in harmonizing sexual relations, satisfying both partners and providing unbelievable feeling of one’s sexual strength and energy. Erection becomes more long-lasting.

Canadian Pharmacy Specialists Answer FAQs

It is true that the original drugs are issued by means of modern equipment, whereas generics are produced through obsolete technique?

Since generics and originals are officially accepted medications, both of them are manufactured in accordance with hygienic and technologic standards. Nowadays, generics are on the big figure all over the globe and are able to be called separate direction in pharmaceutics.

Why pricing for generics is relatively low?

In order to develop an original drug, any company will spend not less than fifteen years on its examination and testing. Moreover, research study goes simultaneously in different directions. Nevertheless, almost ninety per cent of all projects become low-efficient towards the end of examination; and such medications won’t even be admitted for open sales. In order to compensate similar studies, the price grows considerably. Generic producing companies reproduce the drugs which were created and tested by other establishments. That is why the price for generic Cialis is more beneficial than the one for the original.

Is generic an original’s clone?

This is not the case if consider the difference in chemical composition. The main substance is similar in originals and generics, whereas auxiliary agents have slight difference. It is noteworthy that auxiliary components do not take any adverse action.

Yesterday I found generic Cialis on pharmacy website. What distinguishes this medication from other drugs?

Absolutely all medications resembling generic Cialis are designed for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Once there is a pill – erection will occur; no pill – no positive effect. If a person has organic ED, he should be prepared that the efficiency of such drugs will be restricted. Their effectiveness is possible only in case if there is an endothelial dysfunction of isolated type. For example, if you have chosen Cialis, PDE5 inhibitor, you will have the possibility to have one or two fully-realized sexual intercourses. Dosage of this drug meets most standards and depends neither on food intake or moderate doses of alcohol. It has a prolonged effect and minimal quantity of side-effects, as opposed to Levitra or Viagra.

Generic Cialis Application Guide: 10 Simple Rules

Cialis is one of the most popular remedies for erectile dysfunction. The tablets are effective in elimination of sexual disorder symptoms, restoration and enhancement of erection, improvement of sex quality and its prolongation. This medicine belongs to the group of famous Viagra analogues, but exceeds it in regards to duration of its action. Generic Cialis effect is preserved during thirty-six hours and longer. Therefore, generic Cialis is he has no superior in duration of action. Many men who came across the problem of sexual disorder are interested in a specific method of the drug application. In case of its incorrect use, generic Cialis efficiency may be reduced and the risk of side-effects – increased. Only attending doctor is able to explain what is to be expected of the tablet intake. Nevertheless, most representatives of the stronger sex do not consult specialists with such delicate problem preferring to solve it on their own. My Canadian Pharmacy Group offers affordable prices for these effective tablets to boost potency. So, let us examinr the most useful tips for generic Cialis administration.

Generic Cialis contains active substance, tadalafil which takes its action on male organism in 40-60 minutes after the intake. For this reason, Cialis is to be taken not later than an hour prior to sexual activity. One-time dose of the medicine is 10mg which is equal to a half of a pill. In case this quantity of generic Cialis doesn’t provide desired effect, the dose should be increased to 20mg.

  • In case of ill-defined erectile dysfunction in men leading a regular sexual life, Cialis may be administered once a day by ¼ of a tablet containing 5mg of tadalafil. The remedy is recommended to be taken at one and the same time regardless of food acceptance and sexual activity. The worthwhileness of regular daily usage of the medicine must be periodically estimated by attending doctor.
  • In case of erection disorders in men who have sex not oftener than once a week, generic Cialis should be applied only before planned coitus. Maximal daily dosage is 20mg.
  • In case of severe hepatic impairment, the remedy should not be applied regularly. Initially, a man needs to take doctor’s advice. In case of hepatic failure of mild or severe level, as well as in case of diabetes, dosage correction is not required.
  • Generic Cialis whole pill is taken perorally with a lot of water or weak tea. It should not be sucked or chewed, since it has unpleasant bitter taste and may cause nausea and vomit. Tablets intake may be combined with moderate doses of alcohol.
  • Generic Cialis is not to be administered in case of individual intolerability of its components. Also, persons under 18 years of age are prohibited to take generic Cialis. Nitrates and nitrates-containing drugs are incompatible with generic Cialis.
  • Grapefruit juice is contraindicative to be combined with generic Cialis.
  • Patients may choose among the following presentation forms of generic Cialis:
  1. Cialis 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60mg
  2. Cialis Super Active
  3. Cialis Soft 20mg – Tadalel
  4. Generic Cialis 20mg – Tadacip
  5. Generic Cialis 20mg – Forzest
  6. Cialis Soft 40mg – Tadarise Soft
  7. Tadala Professional 20mg
  8. Cialis – Super Tadarise
  9. Cialis – Tadapox
  10. Cialis jelly 20mg – Tadaga
  11. Female Cialis 10 and 20mg
  • Before taking generic Cialis, men must be aware of possible adverse effects. This drug relaxes smooth muscle cells and vasodilates blood vessels mainly located in penis. The most widely-spread side-effect of generic Cialis administration is headache which occurs in 16 per cent of men. Other reactions include redness of skin, indigestion, nasal congestion, and infections of urinary tract. But when generic Cialis is applied properly, these side-effects are relatively weak and disappear within a couple of hours. In some rare cases, men experience temporary slight problems with vision due to decrease of blood supply to ophthalmic nerve. Generally, blue shade of objects occurs, as well as hypersensitivity to light and blurred vision. Nevertheless, people suffering from pigmented retinitis, rare eye disorder, must be very careful while using generic Cialis. Sudden hearing loss is another rare side-effect occurring after the intake of PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Erectile disorder is often a consequence of chronic inflammatory processes in prostatic gland. Antibacterial drugs are sufficient for therapy of acute form of prostatitis, whereas congestive phenomena in prostatic gland require complex measures. One of the medicinal remedies for treatment of chronic prostatitis is generic Cialis. Canadian drugstore specialists note that no other medications are effective for congestive phenomena if sex for a man became rare. It is explained by the fact that secretion stagnation causes inflammation over and over again. Generic Cialis administration allows a man to take pleasure of sexual life. Moreover, it activates metabolic processes in prostatic gland contributing to a better blood stream to penis, secretion emission, edema removal, and thus, elimination of inflammatory processes.

Generic Cialis Action: Is It a Stimulant?

First of all, generic Cialis is not a stimulant. In order to have a good result, sexual arousal is essential. Everything should be natural. Generic Cialis takes its action only when it is needed to. This drug takes positive impact on the following signs and consequences of erectile dysfunction:

  1. Erection in total;
  2. Possibility to achieve erection sufficient for sexual intercourse;
  3. Possibility to preserve erection during coitus;
  4. Satisfaction with sex;
  5. Positive emotions;
  6. Self-confidence to reach and preserve penis erected;
  7. Pleasing a partner.