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Posted on 13 Sep 2012

Revitol Acnezine to Have the Acne Out

Most of the teens plus youngsters surrounding the world experience acne to be the maximum typical obstacle. Breakout of pimples plus predicament with imperfections may well create anybody’s appearance unsuitable plus unpleasant. If you too might be bothered just by the unpleasant acne or perhaps the imperfections, you may well find remedy with Revitol Acnezine, that is any overall skin area care formula.

Have you been fed up with trying type of means to reduce lumps on a person’s face? Will you feel frustrated as to which product to choose as the current market today is bombarded through anti-acne creams and lotions, Revitol’s Acnezine can work nice for you. The supplement has proven efficacy to provide extended creates stopping acne build up. The natural and organic substances cure a person’s skin area inside out devoid of any chemical response.

Using this Acnezine can be impressive for you in following strategies:

* It clears your existing skin ailment plus reduces the outbreaks of acne.

* It will help in re-establishing the drug free beauty of this skin area.

* It efficaciously gets rid of the locations, redness, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pus, and redness.

* It is an quite invaluable merchandise for teenagers plus adults affected by acne on face and also physique.

* Many dermatologists have concluded that this product provides just what exactly that states to do. It really has been suggested by various renowned dermatologists to their own individuals.

* To acquire the supplement, don’t need to have the prescription so you do not have to pay physician’s fee.

* It is a 100% organic product and also you get freedom out of the worries of nasty compound tendencies.

Revitol Acnezine possesses strong enzymes plus antioxidants that work well on neutralizing toxins plus boosts the defense system against bacterial behavior. This thereby reduces the stress on the liver and also assists to bring back the hormonal equilibrium. This of course will help skin to deliver less sebum oil and also the prospects of your own skin area pores becoming clogged dissipate. Revitol is 100% all natural plus in contrast to other items, you’ll find no side-effects that could come about because of chemicals.

Revitol’s acne treatment plan works on treating the acne from its root motivate. It works in 3 paths to help enhance the skin condition. It not only spots to get rid of the acne but it as well clears the spots and the skin infection that a person’s skin area may perhaps get. That successfully eliminates the blackheads that could evolve an response of broken pimple. The essential oils within the product moisturize skin and help to keep aside the dryness. The supplement comes on the benefit of easiness of usage. All you need to do is usually to this at the acne susceptible region one to 3 times each day.

In case you may be worried about Revitol Acnezine’s unintended effects, you might settle back!! There can be no described complications or side-effects as being the supplement consists of natural and organic constituents. Having this great product, you can unlock the secrets of your best suited acne procedure for yourself. Frequent use of the same will help be mindful of your skin area condition and could keep those zits away. This excellent product may help in keeping a person’s skin clear and also steady the method that you are worthy of.

Posted on 16 Aug 2012

Clearing Your Teenage Acne

It should be that your teenage years should be looked back on as being filled with fun, socializing and hanging out with your friends but for many of you, having acne puts a damper on everything. Acne and spots can actually affect you psychologically and it may even lead to some depression in some cases. Most people know that acne and spots are far more common when you’re a teen than if you’re an adult and it’s estimated that almost 80% of teenagers will get acne. The main reason for this is due to the hormonal changes which occur during puberty, which then affects the condition of your skin. There hormones in turn affect your oil glands which cause acne. Hormones aren’t the only cause of spots and acne, of course, but it’s one of the main reasons teenagers get them. Dead skin cells on your face, coupled with excess oil which is produced on your face, known as sebum, leads to acne, spots and pimples.

How can we get rid of them?

Fortunately, there are many treatments available to help you clear your spots and acne. You’ll find that most over the counter products will work, if you stick to a routine and give the product time to work. Too many people use a product for a few days, then, when they see no improvement, they stop using it. It may take some weeks to see a dramatic improvement but it’s worth it. However, it’s a fact that no matter what you try, some acne and spots just don’t respond to these products and then it may be time for you to go and see your doctor. He may decide to refer you to a dermatologist so that you can receive specialist care. Acne is certainly annoying and it’s only natural to want to get rid of it as quickly as you can, in any way you can but if you can avoid touching your face and picking the spots, you’ll help them clear faster. Picking and squeezing may spread bacteria from one part of your face to another and this will only make things worse, as you may force the pus deeper into your pores.

Will changing my diet help?

You’ll probably find plenty of advice telling you that if you eat certain foods, this will make your acne worse. Chocolate, chips, crisps and other fatty foods are the main culprits but there’s no hard evidence to suggest that this is the case. However, it’s always a good idea to try and eat healthily; include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. One of the best things you can for your skin is to drink water – and lot of it! Try to have at least two litres each day as the extra fluids will help flush the toxins from out of your skin, leaving it clearer and smoother. Getting a good night’s sleep will also help your skin heal; a good 8 hours is recommended. Of course, being a teenager, you’ll want to go out and enjoy yourself but try to limit the number of late nights you have. Living with acne and spots can be tough, especially when looks and image are so important to young people. Just be assured that you’ll grow out of it and that one day, they’ll just be a memory!

Posted on 13 Jun 2011

Acne: The Most Common Skin Condition Diagnosed by Dermatologists

Acne is a taboo subject. It is something that many of us have suffered with through adolescence, and sometimes as a baby and as an adult. Acne is something that has affected about 85% of Americans during the course of their lifetimes, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It is a very common skin condition, and is the most common condition diagnosed by dermatologists today.

Acne Vulgaris is the medical term for acne. Acne consists of anything from whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads. Acne occurs on the skin when the skin pores are inflamed.

The process of inflamed pores happens in a cycle, like many medical conditions. The process ends in the result of a blemish or pimple.

This cycle involves four steps:

Step 1: Oil Clogs the Skin pores. Skin has a renewal cycle in which older, dead layers shed off the skin and newer ones form in their place. Sometimes, however, the shedding of dead skin cells merges with the skin’s oil inside a skin pore. This combination often causes a comedo, or plug.

Step 2: The comedo clogs the pore. Because the pore is plugged, the produced oil is trapped inside the pore as well. When oil is trapped it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Oil will build up in the pore regardless of oil production levels, so it happens with people with dry skin, oily skin, or normal skin.

Step 3: Bacteria begins to attack during this stage. Bacteria loves to grow in clogged, oily areas. Clogged pores release inflammatory toxins and quickly spread and grow in the pore.

Step 4: With all the bacteria present the skin responds with the release of its own red and white blood cells to fight off the toxins that were released and to stop any infection from happening. This causes a lot of inflammation in the pore. The inflammation and swelling in the spore leads to acne. In less severe situations this means pimples. In more severe cases it can lead to a cyst or nodule. Sometimes, even after the pimple has healed and disappeared, it can leave scarring or discoloration, depending on the severity of the acne problem.

Acne is something that people have suffered with for thousands of years. Today, however, we have the advantage of being able to treat it. If you are suffering with acne give your dermatologist a call today. The right treatment can really help.

Posted on 08 Jun 2011

Acne Tips – How To Apply Makeup to Acne Prone Skin

If you are a woman you know how important it is sometimes for you to look just right and makeup can be part of that. However, if you have skin that is prone to acne outbreaks wearing makeup could be your worst enemy. You need the right kind of makeup so that it covers up any pimples that you might have and that also won’t clog your pores. The wrong kind of makeup is only going to make the acne flare up even more. So, it can be challenging to try and find the right makeup and how to apply it properly as well. Below is a guideline to help you with this problem.

Before you go to apply your makeup it’s a good idea to wet your face with some warm water so that the pores with open up so you can clean them. Then you should apply a very mild noncomedogenic cleanser to your face and do this with your fingertips and not a wash cloth. This will not clog your pores. Once you have the cleanser on your face, then you can take a clean wash cloth and massage the cleanser on your face. You should do this for about a minute. Then go ahead and rinse your face with some warm water. After that splash some cool water onto your face. This will help the pores on your face to close. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

After you have washed your face you will need to put on some skin toner that is free of alcohol by using a cotton ball. Do this over the entire face and your neck. Toners clarify your pores and will remove any dirt the cleanser may have missed. The toners without alcohol allow the skin to be prepped for the makeup. If you use a toner with alcohol you will be stripping the skin of the necessary oils that it needs which in reality will make the pores make even more oil to try and make up for it.

Once you have finished with the toner you need to make sure that you have an oil free moisturizer that you can put on your face with your fingertips. This kind of moisturizer is not going to cause pimples like one that has oil in it. Make sure that you apply it to your entire face and use an eye cream around the areas of your eyes.

Now take an oil free foundation and put it onto your face with your fingers. Using your fingers to apply makeup is far better than using something else for those who are prone to acne because the sponges that are available tend to be able to spread bacteria that causes pimples. Make sure that you only put on a think layer of foundation you don’t want to put too much on an area that might have some pimples because it will draw attention to that area.

When you apply a blush make sure that you use a makeup brush and sweep the brush onto the apples of the cheeks. However, if you happen to have some heavy acne on your cheeks, it’s not advisable for you to use any blush since it will emphasize the pimples.

When using the eyeshadow make sure to use a small brush for this and put on as desired and liner if you like as well just making sure that the shadow does not go onto any pimples you might have near your eyes.

If you have a concealer then you should put that on any pimples that you might still be able to see even after the foundation has been put on. Make sure to get one that best matches the color of the foundation that you put on your face.

You can then add a finishing touch of a very light powder and spread that with a brush all over you face to help set your makeup. Your makeup if done in this manner should keep the pimples covered all day while giving your complexion a nice soft and matte look.

Posted on 25 May 2011

Are You Exfoliating Too Much?

Back when I was in Esthetics school, we were encouraged to try treatments, serums, peels… etc. on ourselves to get a feel for the effects it has on the skin. Every soon-to-be esthetician that was in my class was of course mostly interested in different products that exfoliate, because we are taught that exfoliation gives us balanced, pimple- free skin. This is true, incorporating exfoliation into your skin care regimen is usually necessary and has many benefits. It prevents acne, improves cell turnover, helps to maintain elasticity and collagen production which in turn prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging. The problem is, when some people see these results, they think that they will get even better results if they exfoliate all the time. I witnessed many red, irritated faces when I was in esthetics school, due to combining too many exfoliates on a daily basis. We all became extremely familiar with the idea that when it comes to exfoliation, less is more.

There are so many exfoliating ingredients in skin care products today, that a lot of the time we don’t realize why all of a sudden our skin is drying out and feeling extremely sensitive. Over-exfoliation triggers the inflammatory response, leading to a compromised lipid barrier that won’t function properly, a sensitized skin condition, and accelerated premature aging.

The signs of over exfoliation include…

• noticeable dehydration
• patchy areas of dryness
• skin tautness
• redness and itchiness
• increased sensitivity
• inflammatory acne and irritation

If you want to incorporate exfoliation into your skin care regimen, learn about the different types of exfoliates available and what they do. Then start slowly, using the product 3 times a week and after about 2 weeks if you feel that your skin is still uneven, incorporate the product into your routine more often.

Types of Exfoliating Skin Care Products

Manual or Mechanical – A topical skin exfoliating product which is manually moved across the skin’s surface with fingers or applicator. Dead cells are forced off of the surface with physical friction. This type of exfoliation is not recommended for those with severe acne or broken capillaries. Examples of this type of product are scrubs with granules and microdermabrasion creams.

Enzymes – A topical exfoliating product that has proteolytic enzymes that dissolve dead tissue. This is form of exfoliation can be gentle enough to use daily and is recommended for most skin types. Examples of enzymes commonly used in skin care products are Papain and Bromelin (Papaya and Pineapple).

Chemical – Also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) A topical bio engineered ingredient with the ability to dissolve the glue-like substance that holds dead cells together. Not recommended for daily use. In small concentrations can be used on most skin types. Examples of AHA’s are lactic acid and glycolic acid, BHA’s include salicylic acid. When using chemicals to exfoliate the skin, you should be aware of possible side effects.
I am a trained skin care specialist with expertise in product/ingredient knowledge and formulation, make up application and acne treatments.

I have been a professional freelance writer for 5 years. I write technical articles for various websites specializing in skin care, health, and nutrition.

Posted on 27 Apr 2011

Benefits of Using Revitol Scar Removal Cream

Scars, especially caused by acne can be really embarrassing. Acne is inevitable; as both adults and teenagers suffer from it. However it is possible to avoid scars by not pinching acne, or pimples. Consequently, it is also possible to remove acne using a product called Revitol scar removal cream. Revitol cream is one of various skin cream products Revitol has to offer.

Though there are various other acne scar removal creams available on the market, Revitol acne cream is a better option because of the many benefits it offers. First of all, this is a product that contains only natural ingredients, that ensures the safe and unlimited use of the cream for removing acne scars.

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No side effects

This means that Revitol acne cream can be applied regularly, without the worry of any side effects. Of course, like any other new product you try on your skin, there is a chance of some minor skin irritation like a mild rash occurring. This is however not something to worry about.

Moreover, using the cream to remove unsightly scars is a very safe and non-invasive mode of scar removal. There is no need of undergoing any surgery or take any steroid injections to remove scars.

A much cheaper option

Moreover, though surgery may provide faster results in removing scars, there is always a chance of the surgery itself causing new scars. This is why Revitol scar removal cream is a better option for removing scars. Surgeries should be used only as a last resort.

If costs are compared, you will find that Revitol´s cream is a much cheaper option for removing scars when compared to surgery or any other treatment option you undergo at a dermatologist’s. Of course, using tubes of other scar removal creams can be a waste of money as they don’t work effectively.

However this is not the case with Revitol. Not only is the cream itself a revolutionary one that can effectively remove scars, the company guarantees this. In fact, the company is so sure of the cream, that it offers an unconditional 90 days money back guarantee in the rare case that the cream does not remove your scars.

Of course, you cannot expect all of the scars to disappear; this is not possible even with scar removal surgery. However with some patience, and a few months of applying Revitol scar removal cream, most of your scars will start disappearing.

Posted on 22 Apr 2011

Don’t Make Blackheads Rule Your Life Anymore

People blessed with spotless glowing faces cannot comprehend what torture it is to face the public when that person’s face is marred with repulsive large black spots, commonly known as blackheads. The devastating fact is they commonly strike at the vulnerable teen periods.

Blackheads result from an excessive accumulation of sebum an oily substance generated in the follicle pores of the skin. When this condition is exposed over a period of time to air the accumulated sebum will discolor forming a black spot which is the result of oxidation. Dermatologist term for this condition is open comedones. Blackheads are also another form of acne with a darker appearance. They can be quite painful with inflammation.

These open comedones known to us as blackheads can make life miserable on many accounts. While they can takeoff the natural vibrancy and pleasantness off a person’s skin it does not stop there. This can result in severe mental and physical pain and tend to get harsher with time. In intense conditions people suffer itchiness and scratching aggravating their pain. Teenagers who are extra sensitive to their looks can destroy their vivacity and make introverts out of people. The good news is that exposed blackheads are treatable effectively with the correct method of treatment.

The first step is to make a visit to a qualified dermatologist. Their advice and guidance can lead you on the correct treatment path exclusively suited for your skin conditions. The novel evolvements in technology and medicine mean that blackheads can be arrested and gradually eliminated with the correct treatment system. One such highly effective treatment system is available in the market today. Clear Skin Max Program introduces a permanent solution for painful blackheads and it is implemented in 6 stages. Clear Skin Max has entered the market upon intensive research and experiments carried out on its special blend of highly effective and unique ingredients. The product is undoubtedly one the best in the world and is ideally suited for skin care solutions. The tea tree oil is one exceptional ingredient included in the program. While forming the cleansing foundation, it re-hydrates the body and with its calming abilities also forms an ideal substitute to Benzoyl Peroxide and similar astringents. The brownies of this product are its antibacterial, antifungal, germicidal and antiseptic traits created to work on cleansing, revitalizing and replenishing the skin with immediate effective results.

The other wonder product yielding similar results is Acenzine. There are no alternatives that come close to this product in combating skin disorders. It target pimples, spots and blackheads with utmost effectiveness and the beauty is this product can be applied on anyone. So it is equally suited for teens and adults. The product can be purchased over the counter and it has no side effects. It is 100% safe and efficient. Wonder products can help you cure an unpleasant skin condition but prevention can only be accomplished through caring health and skin care procedures. Avoid further blackhead flare-ups by keeping away from oily makeup, food and skin treatments. Discontinue use of harsher chemicals and scrubbers on your face. Dry skin is an attractive home for blackheads so maintain moisture levels at all times. Allow for a little time in the day for your skin care routine. Pamper yourself by pampering your skin and say goodbye to blackheads for ever!

Posted on 07 Dec 2010

Treatments That Would Effectively Cure Acne

As adolescents we all go through a period of Acne conditions due to the high levels of hormone activity; however it can linger too much when you are an adult and can cause you much trouble. As much as it affects your social life it can also put you in emotional distress. Today there are many products that promise rapid cure for Acne and some may not provide the projected results as in the advertisements. The best way to cure your acne problem is through consulting a dermatologist who would assess your condition and prescribe effective treatment for Acne. According recent studies it is reported that 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women are affected by Acne at some time in their adult lives and one third of adults also have acne on their body.

With so many products readily available in the market in which some of them come as DIY kits it can be hard to decide as to which treatment is the best. Skin care products that are cheap can carry a risk of damaging your skin and worsening your acne condition.

Let us see as to what we should consider before getting into an acne treatment regime:

Science: Ingredients that are used for the manufacturing of the product should be tested for safety and efficiency. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicyclic acid; Tea Tree Oil and white willow extract are some ingredients that are used to manufacture these Acne treatment products.

Consumer Reviews: Nowadays most of us depend on consumer reviews before purchasing most of the products. So it is essential that you check for positive consumer feedback on the treatment method that you are going to choose.

Price: Price plays a major part when it comes to purchasing goods. However you should not be taken by the cheap price range as this might have its draw backs. Always research on how effective the product is, than settling for a cheap rate.

Listed below are some treatments that can cure Acne.

Mild Acne can be treated by applying Panoxyl Gel which would prevent narrowing of sebaceous gland opening.

If you have mild or moderate acne you will be prescribed Erythromycin + Zineryt solution which is a topical antibiotic to reduce bacteria growth on your skin.

Mild or moderate comedonal acne the application of Differin gel which acts as a Topical retinoid would reduce sebum.

Moderate or severe inflammatory acne your dermatologist would prescribe you / Doxycyline capsules to be taken as an Oral antibiotic in order to reduce bacteria.

Moderate or severe acne commonly seen in women would be prescribed Dianette tablets as Oral anti-androgen to reduce sebum.

The condition of severe cystic acne can only be treated at a medical institution. Patient would be given Roaccutane capsules as Oral retinoid to reduce sebum.

All the above treatments would be prescribed by your dermatologist. Therefore it is necessary that you consult your dermatologist or cosmetic physician before switching into a cheap skin care product.

Posted on 30 Nov 2010

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Acne

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2000 years and is effective at treating several skin conditions including acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects approximately 60% of the American population. Although the cause of acne is unknown, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes are believed to be related to the cause of acne skin conditions. Acne is more prevalent in males and can be aggravated by sweating, oral contraceptives, poor skin hygiene, cosmetics, face creams, exercise, and lack of sunlight. Traditional Chinese philosophy believes that an imbalance in the body, mind or spirit can cause physical symptoms of disease. The TCM believes that an excess of internal heat and dampness causes acne and the symptoms of acne. To alleviate acne you must clear the heat and drain the dampness from the body.
Acne treatment info
Heat can be caused by different sources such as our over consumption of stimulating foods, hormonal changes, physical activity, inability for blood to clean toxins, agitated thoughts, hot weather, or imbalance of qi. Heat can appear as inflammation, over stimulation, and hyperactivity and is reflected on the skin through rashes, pimples, infections, and redness. Dampness is excess water in the tissues of the body. Dampness can be caused by water accumulation in the digestive tract, excess oil, fatty, cold or raw foods, irregular eating habits, insufficient sweating, damp environment, and insufficient heat. Bacteria, fungus and viruses thrive in excessively damp environments even in the body. Dampness can be reflected through the skin as swelling, cysts, pimples, pus, and fluid discharge.

A traditional Chinese herbalist should be consulted when determining which Chinese herbal supplements to take to clear up your acne. Although there are minimal side effects, you will not see the results you want by indulging in every Chinese herb on the market. Specific concoctions of herbs will work for certain people. An herbalist will determine which concoction of herbs is right for each individual person and their specific symptoms. TCM can use leaves, flowers, fruit, bark, minerals and roots from plants in their acne treatments. There are several different ways to take herbs in decoctions or teas, powders, tinctures, pills, syrups, and plasters. Here are some specific herbs that have been used in TCM for thousands of years to treat acne. If you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or a skin rash after taking herbal supplements, stop taking them immediately and consult your herbalist.

Cai Feng Zhen Zhu an Chuang Wan/ Margarite Acne Pills: This is an excellent remedy to clear up acne. This product comes ina pill form and is used to clear heat, expel toxins, cool the blood, and regenerate skin cells. Some of its ingredients include Pearl, Honeysuckle Flower, Dandelion Herb, Glehniz Root, Chinese Foxglove Root, Ningpo Figwort Root, Chinese Rhubarb Root and Lucid Gannoderma Sclerotium.

Jin Yin Hua/ Honeysuckle – Can be used in conjunction with chrysanthemum and dandelion to clear excess heat in the blood and stomach. It is a great detoxifier and increases perspiration. It can be consumed as an infusion or applied externally to the skin.

Dandelion Root – Is a blood cleanser which stimulates liver function to cleanse the body. Dandelion root should be drunk in a tea by mixing 2-3 teaspoons of dried dandelion to 1 cup of water. Dandelion leaves can also be eaten in a salad, which aid in digestion but only 2 leaves should be eaten daily.

Dahurian Angelica – Reduces swelling and expels dampness from the body. Should be drunk in a tea by mixing 1 ounce of dried root into 1 pint of water or can be consumed as 1/2 teaspoon diluted in 1 cup water. This root can also be combined with Chrysanthemum and drank.

Skullcap – Clears heat as well as damp heat. Drank as a tea. Combine 1 ounce dried root to 1 pint of water.

Burdock Root – Cleans the blood by detoxifying the body. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Should be applied topically.

Spica Prunellae/ Prunella Spike – Common herb found in TCM. Boil 1 ounce of dried herb in 1 pint of water. Add honey and drink daily.