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Posted on 20 Sep 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Screening
Understanding how your breasts feel and look like is an important step that you can take on your road to wellness. Certainly, lack of education and no knowledge about breast cancer awareness has made this one of common diseases in UK. According to research and survey reports, more than 80 percent of cancers affect women over 50 in UK. NHSBSP has taken vital steps in fight against breast cancer by promoting awareness and educating women. NHS has offered mammogram screening programs to women over 50 years if such women have an average risk of developing cancer.

As you know your breasts experience various changes with course of time so acknowledging these changes is an important part of your awareness routine. Actually when you acknowledge these changes you become familiar to usual and unusual changes of your breasts. Normally it is very difficult to distinguish between usual and unusual change but your awareness can make this easy for you. You can acknowledge these changes if you examine yourself through a proper and effective way. It is better to carryout various breast exams and self checks but make sure you never substitute these tests to mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound etc.

Know Usual and Unusual Changes with Help of Self-Examination
Self check allows you to know what is normal for your breasts. Although other exams are also important but self check can let you know more about your breasts. This is because nobody can know your breasts better than you. A self breast check is an ideal option for you to acknowledge usual and unusual changes. Self check also helps in detecting any possible anomalies. If you notice or feel any unusual change in your breasts you should immediately consult with your GP.

Breastlight is an advanced product used as a screening device which allows females to see the inner structure of their breast. The device actually emits red LED lights (which is perfectly safe and free of radiations). The best way to use this device is to hold it under the breast and turn on the power (always charge fully before using) and the light will show you all the inside details. as you can see in the image that a lady is holding it under her breast and you can also notice the details of the inner structure. Sometimes it happens that you will see spots inside your breast which means that something is wrong. In such situation you are supposed to consult the GP immediately. It doesn’t mean that you are diagnosed with breast cancer but it may be the earlier symptom of the disease.

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