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Posted on 01 Oct 2014
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Health Articles: Reasons for Diseases

Two reasons may cause weakening of the eyes: worries and incorrect thoughts. If they can be overcome, the eyesight will improve. God has not created man with glasses.

The reason for weakening of the eyesight is that today’s people have no deep philosophical thinking like the first people – the people of the ancient wisdom. Today people live without knowing why they live. They are embarrassed. They do not know what the day of tomorrow will bring them. What are you going to answer to the question: “Why do you live?” We live in order to improve ourselves. We live for God. If they put you to an exam, will you pass it? When one lives for an idea, he is ready for all sacrifices. That is why the idea, because of which one is ready for all sacrifices, shall deserve that.

Man’s eyes serve his mind. While his mind functions normally, his eyes will be in good shape. If his mind begins to weaken, one’s physical strength begins gradually to weaken. Man, in whom charity works, has always healthy eyes and ears.

Why does one become blind? It is because he has not lived in accordance with the laws of the rational nature. When one worries too much, the anxiety produces concussion first to his stomach system. The concussion is transferred to the lungs from there, from the lungs – to the brain, and from the brain – to the optic nerve. When the optic nerve weakens, man begins gradually to lose his eyesight. In order to restore his eyesight, one shall start to restore the normal state of his organs in a reverse order: first of the brain, then – of the lungs and finally – of the stomach, from where the concussion has originated. After that he has to find the reason for the concussion and eliminate it.

According to the occultism, all blind people, all disabled people, whom we meet today on the Earth, are all students, who have not passed their examinations, as a result of which they have left the school.

That neurasthenia, which exists all over Europe, is a loosening of the white race. All minds are full only of thoughts about houses, money, conveniences. Material goods have replaced the clean thoughts and clean desires, which give powers to man.

If one, who is pious, worries, he will lose his health. If a sinner does not worry and keeps his internal peace, he will always be healthy. God has given brain to man to think and not to worry.

It is noticed that good thoughts and feelings have a favorable effect on the digestive system, and bad ones – unfavorable. Voracity and the enormous man’s desire for pleasure upset his stomach system. When the stomach does not work, one’s brain system upsets, too. If you meet somebody with a dry face, yellow and indisposed to work, you shall know that his stomach system is not in good shape. He cannot work. He takes a gloomy view of everything. He has no faith in life.

Posted on 01 Oct 2014
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Reasons for Diseases

Each bad word affects badly the liver. Hygiene forbids man to use negative and disharmonious words. As long as one goes against the hygiene, he upsets his liver. As long as the liver is upset, the nervous system upsets, too, as well as the digestion. In general, bad words affect health badly. If you want to be healthy, use good, positive words. Viagra Australia reviews

Warmth and light, which are formed by the human feelings and thoughts, affect the organism either favorably or destructively. This depends on their vibrations. The higher and more their vibrations are, the more favorable their effect on the human organism is.

Each unpleasant thought is nothing else, but a wandering soul, which has made a sin on the Earth, was not able to finish its development and now it cannot find a place for itself. Sing a song, have a talk. All sad thoughts, which attack you, are suffering souls, which stay tied between the physical and astral worlds and cannot develop.

Man shall think only 50% for himself (this shall be the maximum) and 50% about his fellows, if he wants to fulfill Cod’s law. One shall not be negligent of himself, but he cannot neglect his fellows either. As a result of this diseases occur.

When one’s brain activity increases, the activity of the physical body decreases. This is the reason for the big number of nervous people at the present. The larger the brain activity is, the weaker man is. In order his nervous system not to get exhausted, part of his mental powers shall be poured into the heart. The powers of the organism are a result from the sum of the powers of the mind and of the heart.

If you look for the reason of the illness of the ears and of the eyes, you will find it in the back part of the brain. When the functions of the back part of the brain does not happen in the right way, man suffers of pain in the ears and in the eyes. When the temporal part of the brain does not function correctly, man complains of pains in the mouth. Knowing that the brain is the reason for lots of diseases, keep it in good shape. When we are talking of good shape of the brain, we have in mind the thoughts, which pass through it. That is why we shall hold the thoughts responsible for the state of health of the brain, and for the state of health of the heart – the feelings. Each thought brings either good or poison to man. The same concerns man’s feelings and desires. In addition, there are thoughts, which show their effect on the organism right away, and others – after a while.

I say: introduce into the mind of even the strongest man two controversial thoughts and he will by no means go out of his mind. They cause enormous shaking of the nervous system, disturbance of the internal harmony, or, said in an occult language, going of the human doppelganger out of the body. Another creature takes its place. One, who understands the laws, may turn back the doppelganger and restore the normal state of the man.

Posted on 18 Sep 2014
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BPH and Prostate


In the past the only effective treatment for BPH was an operation known as a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), where the prostate gland was cut and removed or reduced in size. Unfortunately, however, the cure can be worse than the disease accutane canada pharmacy. Complications, including impotence, difficulties with ejaculation and problems with urinary continence, can occur, which can raise important issues about a man’s quality of life. New forms of minimally invasive prostate surgery are becoming available, including laser surgery. The key issue is to fully understand the risks and benefits of any proposed procedure so that a fully informed decision can be taken. Sometimes the best treatment may be no treatment at all. A decision to undergo surgery should not be taken lightly and reaching one should involve a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits with your urologist.

BPH and Prostate Cancer

BPH can interfere with the diagnosis of prostate cancer as it can cause the PSA level to increase. An increased PSA level does not indicate cancer, but the higher the PSA level the higher the chances of having cancer. Some of the signs of BPH and prostate cancer are the same. However, having BPH does not seem to increase the chances of developing prostate cancer. A man who has BPH may also have undetected prostate cancer at the same time or may develop prostate cancer in the future. Always consult your doctor for more information if you have any concerns in this area.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that can affect any man and has no respect for upbringing or address. Irish men have about a one in twelve chance of developing prostate cancer over the course of their lifetime. The vast majority of these cases occur in men over the age of 50. The frequency of prostate cancer is on the rise in Irish men. It has become the most common cancer in men, overtaking lung cancer. With PSA testing on the increase and an ageing population, the incidence of prostate cancer is predicted to rise ahead of breast cancer in women over the next decade.

Prostate cancer differs from most other cancers in the body because small areas of cancer within the prostate are very common and may stay dormant for many years. Most of these cancers grow extremely slowly and so, particularly in elderly men, will never cause any problems. In a small proportion of men, the prostate cancer does grow more quickly and in some cases may spread to other parts of the body, particularly the bones.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014
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Invasive Devices and Mechanical Interventions: Other Devices.

Normally applicable for older men in long term relationships because they are cumbersome and generally need an established partner relationship while you get your Dick ready for action – not a good look on a first date:

a) External Penile Splints. These are either external splints providing rigidity, or hollow firm covers for your Dick like a dildo sleeve. There are other ways to keep your Dick warm, but seriously, who wants to have sex with splints or a cover, not to mention the effort of getting them on or the potential awkwardness of being seen with one on!

b) Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) with/without Constriction Rings. These pumps are usually used in conjunction with constriction rings (colloquially also know as cock rings). Your Dick is placed in a plastic cylinder which is attached to a pump. The pump is used to create a vacuum. The vacuum in turn induces blood into your Dick making him erect. When you are happy with the hardness of the erection you remove the pump and place a constriction ring at his base. This is to keep the blood flow in place and keep your Dick erect and ready for sex. Personally, I dislike vacuums and there is not much to them so they are relatively inexpensive.

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Disadvantages are that they are cumbersome and generally need an established relationship while you fiddle about getting ready – again not for a first date. Some men have also complained of pain, numbness and bruising from the ring. Also, that the erections are not firm enough and are “wobbly”.

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There is a more serious disadvantage in that they can cause real damage to your Dick if the constriction ring is in place for more than 30 minutes. Imagine having a timer controlling your  sexual encounter cruise! You should only consider using VED products which contain a vacuum-limiting device to avoid injury to your Dick due to excessive negative pressure. On top of all that, they don’t tackle the root cause of your ED condition and are just a prop you have to carry around. Try explaining their use to security at any airport.

c) Cock Rings – on their own! Cock rings or other such contraptions that fasten around the base of your Dick. The theory is that blood is trapped in him by the tight band. Apart from the unhelpful distraction of attaching the ring after your Dick has managed an erection, I repeat that there is real danger of damage if the blood is trapped for more than a short period of time. A cock ring is yet another contraption to distract you from real therapy to treat the source of your ED and to get your Dick to erect naturally. You may like Веуопсё singing: “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!” but, it’s dubious therapeutic advice.

Posted on 12 Oct 2012
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Reishi, the Mushrooms of Immortality and Medicine of Kings

Reishi mushroom (also known as Lingzhi and is a types of Ganoderma lucidum) has a long history of use as a very effective herbal medicine. In China, Lingzhi is known as all-healing-medicine and in Japan it is treated as a valuable medicine supplement for its ability to cure many diseases! Don’t be surprised if you know it only as a parasite. In fact, it is a parasite that grows on hardwoods like oaks & maples and found mostly in China, Japan and Korea. But not necessarily all the Reishi mushrooms that are used to make medicines or sold commercially need to be collected from the woods; they can be cultivated as well. If you are one of those who have already heard about all the magical healing capability of these different mushrooms like Cordyceps, most likely you would expect it to offer you some astounding health benefits. Research indicates that your expectations and assumptions are correct as this surprising mushroom is capable to boost your immune system, fight a serious disease like cancer, control the heart diseases and relieve both allergies and inflammation.

How come a single fungus like Ganoderma lucidum can be such a powerful medicine and have been revered for more than several centuries as a magical medicine? Traditional Eastern medical science have done many researches and based on those researches they claim that Lingzhi contains an array of medicinal application that are sometimes better than the traditional treatments. Like most other related mushrooms, Reishi improves human immune function and help fight against viruses and bacteria that causes infections.

Chinese medicine researchers regarded it as the “Medicine of Kings”. Dr. Shi-Jean Lee, one of the most famous Chinese medical doctors and medicine researchers of the Ming Dynasty, had endorsed the effectiveness of this mushroom and has stated that ‘lingzhi build a healthy body and help live a long life’. The effectiveness of mushrooms for fighting against viruses is a well-known fact and their ability to help control stresses is a very good reason for their widespread acceptance.

Usages of reishi or Lingzhi mushrooms for stress and coronary artery disease-related angina have proven a very positive result and many alternative medicine practitioners recommend this mushrooms for heart diseases. Likewise the widespread usages of reishi mushrooms for hypothyroidism, cardiovascular problems, insomnia, hypertension, bronchitis, arthritis and of menopausal anxiety, proves it’s true effectiveness for healing or preventing those diseases. Reishi also is often the main ingredient in herbal formulas for immune dysfunction syndromes, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Posted on 12 Oct 2012
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Advantages Of Seeing A Sports Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy, many people have discovered, is great when it comes to healing or managing a variety of bodily aches and pains. Increasingly more athletes are also using the services of sports physiotherapists nowadays. Given the rise in the number of appearances sports stars have to make these days, as well as the tough competition, many succumb to injuries often. Here are some benefits to be derived from seeing a physiotherapist specializing in dealing with sports injuries.

First of all, these are individuals highly knowledgeable and skilled as far as the body in motion is concerned. Anyone that’s physically active on a daily basis increases the chances of picking up injuries, even if it’s the odd twisted ankle or pulled hamstring. So, seeing such a professional is apt to help sports people especially adopt lifestyles that are healthier, given the new awareness of posture and movement.

These specialist physical therapists are ideal to assist coaches and trainers in taking care of athletes. The expertise of the body’s mechanics as it involves movement is something coaching staff would do well to make use of. So, aside from helping to manage injuries, information on how to leverage gravity and posture in improving performance and staying injury-free are priceless.

These are also the best people to consult with on how to avoid bodily injuries. Sometimes the wrong approach to warm-up exercises contributes to the pulling of ligaments and bruising of muscles during training or performance. Consulting a sports physiotherapist for advice about such routines might help to avoid such incidences.

It’s advisable to make an appointment with these individuals prior to picking up an injury. It is perfectly legitimate and wise to go for such consultation, without having to wait for a painful body to justify a visit. This is an excellent way to stay injury-free.

Everyone, no matter what age, that’s physically active stands to benefit from these visits. Coaches and trainers of various sporting codes would do well to call on the expertise of these professionals from time to time. The fresh and new perspectives physical therapists bring to the job are likely to benefit everyone involved.

Being proactive about steering clear of actions that might contribute to bodily harm is a wise approach to adopt. At times one might be troubled by injuries from the past, and wouldn’t know where it comes from or where exactly the trouble is internally located. Some of the people best able to offer expert diagnosis and advice in such cases would be sports physiotherapists.

Developments in the field are taking place rapidly, and the findings of new research are added to existing expertise. This in turn benefits the daily practice, as well as the clients coming for consultation. The best thing any physically active person can do is to make an appointment to see a sports physiotherapist as soon as possible. There is much to be learned about how best to take care of the body and draw benefit from the power of its movements.

Posted on 05 Oct 2012
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5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

#1: Keep Right On Adding Those Extra Pounds: So what if you are 20 to 50 pounds over your ideal body weight? You can still find clothes and furniture to fit, right? And all of those health studies were funded by diet food companies.

Health Tip: Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is hugely influential in your overall health. It should be 23 or less for your ideal body weight. Any higher than that and you are setting yourself up for aging diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, as well as reduced energy.

#2: Continue Eating Your American Fast-Food Diet: There is not enough time to eat a healthy diet, and besides, fatty and fried foods taste better. Only old people have the age-related degenerative diseases I hear about, like skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Health Tip: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent food pyramid shows we must eat 9-10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. By eating these healthy natural antioxidant rich foods we can prevent cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, and prevent diabetes.

#3: Eat Only 1-2 Servings of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Daily: I don’t have time for them and they don’t taste good anyway. Fruits and vegetables are boring.

Health Tip: Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant foods that support enzyme and immune function. There are over 354,000 studies linking antioxidants and good health. Antioxidants are valuable in increased energy and degenerative disease prevention.

#4: Avoid Taking Dietary Supplements: I don’t have time for them, they are expensive, and besides, there are millions of them. How do I know if any of them work?

Health Tip: You can now have your body antioxidant levels scanned quickly and painlessly in your own home using a proven, award-winning scientific test. The scan results will determine how your level of anti-aging and how well you are protecting against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, periodontal gum disease, and other degenerative diseases. Then you can see how well a more healthy lifestyle such as improved diet, lower stress, and dietary supplements are working.

#5: Our Aging is All Determined by Our Genetics: Just because someone looks 7 years younger than they actually are, it is all in their genes. There is nothing I can do to stop aging.

Health Tip: There are nutritional supplements designed by science learned during the recently completed Human Genome Project. These groundbreaking dietary supplements have been proven to reset anti-aging genes to increase youthful energy, health, and age-related diseases. In many cases, aging processes can even be reversed.

Posted on 04 Oct 2012
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Zits Facial Treatment

Acne occurs at the same time of life whilst the teenager is particularly concerned over his appearance. To steer clear of if conceivable the pimples occurs, zits facial treatment must be prompt. If no longer this condition could be worst. Pimples-inclined skin or possibly a blemished pores and skin causes one’s pores and skin young to generally be sensitive and embarrassed.

There may be 2 levels of facial remedy for zits that you will consider. First, the patient himself must increase his general health with the intention to turn out to be proof against all kinds of illness. That comes to on the proper manner to be careful properly your epidermis. It additionally includes the advance on the physical building of your patient. It must be noticed that skin of your respective face will have to be cleanse twice daily. It is suitable to use heat water and a non-irritating soap. The use of of cosmetics are massive NO,NO, just to make sure. For those who like to apply it, simply make sure of not letting it to keep overnight for your face. Cosmetics will have to be removed. After cleansing, apply moisturizers according to your type of skin.

It is usually important to not contact your brain if your palms are dirty. Or it is better to avoid mechanical power on the skin, like resting chin for your hands. It is extremely recommended also to acquire ok relax and sleep a minimal of eight hours every night. Apply and eat of any smartly-balanced and wholesome diet. Steer clear of between-meal snacks including sweetened drinks. Avoid also eating chocolates with nuts and cola drinks. Don’t prick also o\when you’ve gotten got pimples or pimples already as a consequence of it will irritate the condition and might have add damaging germs.

The second segment is the experts’ part. The dermatologist must evaluate each case or situation of the acne. The situation with the acne also varies what sort of advisable facial remedy will have to be provided with. The situation could also be from mild to average or from moderate to severe.

The professionals would possibly propose the topical facial remedy or any medicines appropriate for the acne-affected type of skin. With regards to topical remedy, the dermatologists will mostly ask the zits-affected patient to adopt any important oral pills. It’s going to include taking of topical retinoids, anti-androgens, and topical antibiotics or is also birth control pills. Pores and skin professionals will also instructed to try the appliance of moisturizers, creams, creams or gels consistent with the sort of skin. Oily type of pores and skin does no longer extremely counsel applying moisturizers already. It is better that moisturizers, lotions, lotions or gel to have a minimum of 2.five% content material of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It is helping to go into oxygen to pores and skin pores or follicles to unclog.

Any other, the dermatologist even presented the a few efficient pimples facial treatments. It includes the appliance of deep chemical peel, applying acid mask on face and upon peeling new skin seems; dermabrasion, an easy surgical procedure that helps to remove pores and skin blemishes or imperfections as pimples scars through rubbing or scraping of the surface layer of the cells; and Photodynamic Therapy or PDT, use of sunshine and chemical answer medication to do away with the micro organism accountable for the painful lesions. One of the most common PDT would be the Blue Mild Therapy.

Here are just one of the most commonplace therapies like acne facial treatment that help to rid off one of the disastrous pores and skin downside, acne. With this information, these zits facial therapies will lend a hand the skin for your face appears fresh, wonderful and pimples-free again.

Posted on 28 Sep 2012
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Hormone Balancing – Balancing Yourself

Hormones are actually the chemicals secreted by various organs in our body. Hormone controls and moderate cellular activity and behavior. The lack of hormones like serotonin may cause depression in you. Progesterone levels decrease may lead to menopause and the testosterone has great influence on the overall muscle tone and strength in both women and men. Hormone balancing is necessary phenomena to be maintained so as to keep your bodily activity to proceed in hassle-free manner.

There are various means to conduct hormone tests. But still the best way to check your hormonal balance is to verify how actually you feel. When there is no imbalance, you feel absolutely well. You will not lack energy and will not crave sweet or salty foods. Your weight will remain stable and also you can enjoy an uninterrupted, consistent sleeping pattern. You look and feel both healthy and young. When hormone move on to an unbalanced state, the affected may face difficulty in focusing, will get and retain tiredness always. This may cause you to become insomniac and you are no more interested in sex. You usually gain weight and get bloated. Pains and aches are developed in joints, the skin gets dry and wrinkled and also you may become subject to heart diseases, arthritis, digestive problems and osteoporosis. You need not have to jump higher hurdles to gain back your hormonal balance if it is the primary state. You should get ample but enough amount of sleep because for the reproduction of certain hormones sleeping is vital.

You should also get yourself indulged in exercises as it is critical for the regulation process. Regular movements can only bring back the balance in metabolism. Thus it improves the health of lung, heart and organs, brain chemistry and blood pressure. The role of diet is also vital. Hormones are built generally out of the fats and so consumption of healthy fats is always recommended. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and fish are the important sources of needed fats. In case of severe conditions medication becomes the unavoidable option. Such cases usually are thyroid problems and menopause. There are various therapies for replacement of hormones.

It is always advisable to try self-care techniques first. Maintain healthy lifestyle and take, healthy food, proper exercise and adequate sleep. There are a lot of medicines and therapies available for hormone balancing. Selecting the skilled, talented and experienced specialist is the only matter of concern.

Posted on 26 Sep 2012
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What Is The Best Teeth Bleaching Technique?

Many people would love whiter teeth, but they don’t want to shell out hundreds of Pounds on cosmetic measures to make it possible. Because of this, more and more consumers are now searching for a low-cost alternative, most of which are sold at chemists and supermarkets.

For the vast majority of people, whiter teeth suggests that the person maintains good of oral health. However, not everyone seems to appreciate the most simple steps in order to eradicate stains on the tooth surface caused by certain kinds of food and drink to achieve good oral hygiene. The purpose of this article is to discuss a few ways that can help you obtain your cosmetic aims while enabling your teeth to acquire a healthier shade of white, without having to cutting out your preferred foods and drinks.

Try A Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

There are plenty of toothpastes that have ingredients which may help you to remove superficial stains on your teeth, but if you are looking to have the power of the whitening agents that are used in teeth whitening kits, many toothpastes use only a small amount of bleach to brighten your teeth through a very gentle method of whitening.

Enjoy an Apple a Day

An apple daily not only keeps the doctor at bay it is also great for your teeth. If you want to search for more less harsh ways to brighten your smile, you can choose to eat not only apples but in addition celery and carrots are known to promote the production of saliva which helps to clear old stains on your teeth and when it comes to dental health, the more spit you make the better. If this does not have the expected result there are other alternatives to get the smile of your dreams.

Use Dr George’s Dental White By Smile 4 You

Dr George’s Dental White is a totally pioneering new method of brightening teeth without a trip to your cosmetic dentist it is an uniquely designed personal tooth whitening kit. The special 16% Caramide Peroxide gel is the same to what would be used at a dental surgery at a comparatively lower price and you will achieve equally amazing results. Originating America, this kit has been sold for over 14 years. Thousands of people have used this product to brighten their smiles, it is also the preferred product of professional dentists across the USA. It is now exclusively available to buy online from UK based manufacturers Smile 4 You. To discover more about Dr George’s Dental White visit their official web site.

Why Tooth Whitening Is So Important?

Brilliant white teeth can work miracles for your self-esteem and your appearance. If you are upset by your smile because of yellowing that have formed on your teeth over the years, this can make you feel very self-conscious.

That’s why considering obtaining a whitening kit on the internet might be a good option. You could shell out for a very expensive trip to the dentist and undergo the same treatment, but if you could get the same results cheaper – wouldn’t you? Why not invest in a whitening kit that many people have had success using, put a stop to those ugly stains and get beautiful white teeth in the convenience of your own home. That alone will make it a far more agreeable procedure.