Posted on 10 Oct 2012

Importance of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is now widely recognized all around the world because of its natural health benefits. It is considered as a wonder drug or a perfect remedy for almost every kind of pain, discomfort, and illness that we are experiencing. It is for the said reasons that magnesium oil is now in demand these days. More and more people are including magnesium in their every day regimen.

If you are looking for the purest oil, then you have to go all the way to Europe. A sea of magnesium oil chloride is found in a deep underground in Europe. It is said to be 250 million years old and it has never been touched by modern day pollution. Experts also believe that the amount of pure magnesium oil found is enough to supply man’s need for magnesium for more than a hundred of years. It can function perfectly as a mouthwash and for strengthening our muscles. Magnesium oil has more uses than we can ever imagine. Let me enumerate some of them.

Magnesium oil is effective in pain management. Most doctors who are into treating chronic pain advice their patients to apply oil for pain relief and relaxation of muscles. It is best for people complaining of arthritis and muscle cramps. Magnesium oil is directly applied to the affected part and it can automatically alleviate the chronic pain and muscle cramps. It also facilitates the opening up and softening of muscles and connective tissues. Magnesium is already tried and tested as an efficient vasodilator and smooth muscle relaxant.

Magnesium oil is also widely used in therapeutic massages. More and more people are requesting for oil during their massage therapy. It is found that an ounce of magnesium that is rubbed all over our body could help ease the pain that we are experiencing plus it can also soothe our nerves and calm our senses. It is also effective to reduce stress, sensory overload, slow the heart, and provide the person with a holistic healing experience.

As we all know, the application of magnesium transdermally is the most ideal magnesium delivery system in our body. It is even found to have a similar effect with intravenous treatments conducted during emergency situations. So, if we want to make sure that our body would have regular magnesium intake, we should see to it that we use magnesium during our regular massage session. An ounce or more of magnesium per day for six months can do wonders. It can provide numerous health benefits to our body like penetrating our cells to improve cellular function.

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