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Posted on 26 Sep 2012
Mental Health

How you can Develop Psychic Capabilities

Maybe you have been dreaming of having the ability to see into the long term, study individual’s thoughts, or even know what was going to occur before it happened? You’re not alone. But getting clairvoyant capabilities is much more than what you see in the movies and yes, anybody can perform this. Your mind is an extremely effective muscle mass that science is just starting to understand. Clairvoyant forces as well as deep user-friendly capabilities are feasible for anyone who is willing to work their muscle mass to develop the abilities.

What to do to? How to develop psychic capabilities?

What’s even greater than the proven fact that psychic improvement can be done is always that it’s simple. With only a few easy steps and workouts you are able to develop these types of abilities. Dedication is required although, so if you are not really willing to perform the work on a regular basis don’t end up being disappointed when you don’t obtain outcomes.

The first step is deep breathing. Yes, meditation. Deep breathing is much more than just breathing in silence for thirty minutes a day. It’s a heavy religious practice. When you provide the mind and the body period every day to be still you allow another, more peaceful, parts of you to ultimately be energetic. Frequently your talking personal is really hectic attempting to run your life as well as fill each and every waking believed with ‘points’ that it is tough to connect to the larger personal.

Via a normal deep breathing exercise you are able to quiet your speaking self and permit a connection with your greater personal to occur. Your own greater self sees the planet from the different location compared to speaking self. When you learn to connect to your own higher energy a person open stations for psychic thoughts.

Beginning the practice of distant watching can also help your psychic capabilities break through. Distant viewing may be the exercise of looking at a place that you are not physically situated. This isn’t an easy skill; it will take time for you to develop.

A great way to begin strengthening your distant watching is by using an easy visioning exercise:

Take the feather and hang up it from your ceiling. Sit down in front of the feathering and appear at this. Truly view it. Watch the feather for two minutes until you know what the actual feather appears like by heart. After that, near your eyes and maintain taking a look at this. Indeed, which is correct? Picture that feathering with your mind’s eye as though your eyes remained as open. See all the detail of that feathering and also the chain that is associated with it. When you are able to determine the feather at length as if you had been using your physical eyes attempt picturing something larger and then proceed to viewing an actual location.

Through honing these types of skills you will observe that slowing points, ideas, as well as thoughts can come for you more easily. You’ll start to understand points without truly understanding the reason why. Your own clairvoyant abilities will develop slowly, however continuously by keeping up with these types of easy methods.

Posted on 20 Sep 2012
Mental Health

Brain Plasticity – It’s Magic!

The brain is a very responsive and flexible organ. It has the ability to adapt to different stimuli and can effect physical changes based on this stimuli. This ability to alter its structure and overall functions is called brain plasticity. We’ll discuss some of these functions and how they can impact the ability of someone to adapt to changes and learn new things.

Brain plasticity is very much involved in developing new skills and learning new things. When the brain is exposed to new stimuli, it often makes changes to neural pathways. This can include the creation of new pathways or the destruction of existing ones.

And a significant part of brain plasticity involves the ability of the brain to adapt different parts of its structure to take over tasks and functions it previously did not do. This is a significant point since it can play a major role in the ability of the brain to adapt to injury or disease.

For example if the brain becomes damaged and a section of the brain which controls certain kinds of cognitive skills are affected, the brain can sometimes be taught to adapt and have different sections of the brain take over some functions it was previously unable to do.

So if someone suffers from a stroke or other type of brain injury, they may be able to utilize treatments which can help them to teach other parts of their brain to take over functions like walking, talking or cognitive skills.

The ability of the brain to adapt to changes and transform itself through brain plasticity is an amazing function.

And keep in mind that brain plasticity is the key way in which younger children learn and retain information learned. The brain can form new neural pathways and continue to create them in order to reinforce the learned behavior or skill. This also helps to improve memory retention and utilization.

There are several key forms of brain plasticity which should be mentioned. The fist is synaptic plasticity and it has to do with how people learn and retain information or new things.

Neurogenesis is a way in which the brain can sometimes create new brain cells in order to replace those which have died. It can help to retain brain function.

When you are brain training, you are effectively leveraging the plasticity of your brain to train your cognitive abilities.

And another form of brain plasticity allows the brain to adapt such that different parts of the brain can take over roles which were previously handled by other sections of the brain. As mentioned earlier, it can be a vital way in which people can relearn things which they lost due to injury or disease.

Posted on 08 Sep 2012
Mental Health

Games For Memory Loss

An essential element to the prevention of memory loss is memory exercise. This is just as true if trying to recover from memory loss. Activities and games are an ideal way to exercise the memory because they are fun, effective and all around us. In other words we do not need specialist equipment to exercise memory via games. The more the memory is exercised the stronger the memory becomes. Fortunately this is true across any age group. So we have no excuse for not at least attempting to improve or restore our memory. Following are some activities and games to counter memory loss.

If you are a commuter on a train or bus put your memory to the test every day. Try to guess what is around the next corner. List the shops, building and houses in their correct order. Over time you will surprise yourself with the volume of information you can remember. When this becomes too easy, try to remember the street names and the bus stop numbers. Remember who gets off and on at which stops. Maybe you can take more notice of the people in the bus. Take a quick scan of the other commuters, then close your eyes and try to recall which passengers are sitting where. What clothes are they wearing? Are they carrying luggage?

How about some memory games for the regular newspaper reader? Try to recall yesterday’s editorial story. Do the crossword puzzle. If you come across a story which is of special interest to you, read it out aloud. Reading out aloud enhances concentration and therefore assists in memory improvement.

Finding oneself in a new situation is stimulating and can enhance memory. For example take some classes in totally new topics. You might learn another language. Or take up a new musical instrument. Enroll in a cooking class. Write a short story or craft a poem. The options are unlimited. The idea though is just to place yourself in a new stimulating environment where your concentration and enthusiasm is lifted to such a point that it becomes unforgettable.

Let’s go back a bit and talk about the option of learning another language. A great memory aid for second language learning (or math, or science, or whatever) is flashcards. As you work through the language course, make your own pocket-sized flashcards. Write the English word on one side and the target language word on the other side. As you sit in the train, or wait for a friend just take out your flashcards and grab some practice time. You will be surprised by the speed and volume of words you learn this way. The flashcards are just another activity you can use to improve your memory.

Activities and games for memory loss are all around us. It simply is a matter of using observation and concentration and your memory will benefit.

Posted on 23 Aug 2012
Mental Health

What Does ‘Mental Health’ Mean to You?

Does it make you think of the peak of mental performance, or a healthy well-balanced mind?

Its more likely you might think of ‘mental illness’, or people who are strange, not normal. You might think of mental health services which are quite scary. To be hospitalized for mental ill-health is not a thought which brings comfort or hope of cure.

“…. for most people, especially those with common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, the social reaction to the illness is far harder to recover from than the symptoms themselves.”

Slade B, Mental health and well-being at the Workplace, WHO report 2010, p33

The fact is that although about a third of GP time is spent dealing with mental ill-health, even though one in four of us will experience it in some form or another, we just don’t like to talk about it. Its the ‘elephant in the room’!

There is still a shocking amount of discrimination and prejudice about people experiencing common mental health problems, let alone more serious disorders. Research suggests that employers are less likely to employ someone who admits to mental ill-health than they are someone with a physical disability, so it’s hardly surprising that people are less than open if they’re experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.

When it comes to physical health we all know how we’re meant to look after ourselves, even if we don’t do it very well, but when it comes to our mental wellbeing we really don’t know what to do. In fact research has shown that the most common responses to stress are to ‘do nothing, just live with it’, ‘eat comfort or junk food’ or ‘spend time alone’, the very opposite of recommended stress management techniques.

As a society we invest hugely in physical health – in research, in preventive services, in public health initiatives, in technological advances and in treatments. Yet what is often the most critical factor in maintaining our physical health or recovering from physical ill-health – yes, its our mental attitude, our ability to remain positive and enjoy life, our psychological resilience.

How is it that we can take all kinds of measures to avoid infections, reduce risk of accidents, or eliminate diseases, yet there is no such momentum to improve our understanding and knowledge of emotional and mental wellbeing?

So lets reclaim mental health and pay attention to our mental wellbeing whether individually, as parents, as communities, as a society.

Posted on 25 Aug 2011
Mental Health

Why So You Need Stress Medications?

Stress is a part of everyone’s life today and that is the reason people keep looking for various solutions to deal with everyday stress. There are times when you come across some solutions that you will find that will work for you, but they rarely seem to work. In such cases, it becomes really important for you to acquaint yourself with some methods to reduce stress and anxiety. One of the most common methods used by people to reduce stress is the use of stress medications. To reduce your stress levels, it is really for an individual to take a balanced and nutritional diet. It is always advised by doctors to take maximum vitamin C to reduce the stress. Vitamin C will benefit you in any case and there are no side effects of taking it and also it helps you to prevent yourself from various diseases like cold. Vitamin C is considered as the best solution when it comes to stress management and also it helps to reduce mental and physical stress. If you suffer from a lot of stress and you see balanced diet is not working out, then you might like to consider herbal or natural stress medications. These are an amazing alternative to reduce stress and also they are free from any chemicals and therefore one cannot get addicted to them.

Passiflora Incarnata (passionflower) is one of the best natural stress medication recommended by experts which helps people to reduce stress, anxiety and it also help people suffering from insomnia. Since everything has it pros and cons and so have these natural remedies but them much fewer or no bad effects as compared to other medications. Some of the possible side effects of this remedy are nausea and vomiting. Also, before you choose any natural stress medication it is very important to consult with your doctor ones as they are the best one to tell you if it will suit you or not. Also yoga is considered as one the best solution for mental and physical stress. With the help of yoga, you can use meditation techniques to transform your though process. It will help you to reduce stress and it will also make you feel more relaxed and calm. If you practice yoga regularly, you will feel a lot of improvement in your mental and physical health and a lot of increase in your self confidence. It is very important to cure stress on time before it reaches a level that is difficult to deal with. Stress can make your body weak and slow down your overall protection system. Because your body can’t resist itself from stress it eventually ends up with more problems like increased illness, catching cold or flu. It can also reach up to serious diseases like heart disease or cancer.

You can start dealing with stress with various self help techniques that you can do on regular basis to keep a control on yourself. If you don’t find these techniques working, you can choose stress medications. But you need to make sure that you select the best one because there are a lot of stress medications available in the market today.

Posted on 01 Jul 2011
Mental Health

Bipolar Warning Signs to Look For

Some family members or close friends may be able to help the person they care for recognize bipolar warning signs and take action to prevent full bipolar relapse. Not all people with bipolar disorder get these warning signs, but for those who do, involving a family member or close friend in helping to recognize and or respond to these bipolar signs can be very helpful. Warning signs of mania or hypomania are commonly easier to pick up than signs of bipolar depression.

What can the person with early warning signs of mania or hypomania do to prevent mania, hypomania and negative consequences?

• Seek early medical treatment and take prescribed medication to help them rest or sleep.
• Reduce stimulation (e.g. prioritize and do fewer tasks, avoid stimulating substances).
• Rest
• Take precautions to prevent risky behavior (e.g. temporarily give their credit cards to you or another carer/ caregiver for safekeeping to prevent reckless spending).

It can be very difficult for a person to go against their bipolar mood and use helpful illness management strategies. However, ignoring bipolar warning signs, for example doing stimulating things and lots of activities when becoming manic or hypomanic can make symptoms worse. In fact people with bipolar report that the best chance they have of preventing bipolar relapse is if they catch warning signs early before their symptoms are too severe. Family members and close friends can sometimes encourage helpful illness management strategies and create a calm, quiet environment to reduce stimulation when the person is becoming hypomanic or manic.

What can the person with warning signs of bipolar depression do to try to prevent their symptoms from getting worse?

• Consult their doctor.
• Be with supportive people.
• Schedule small activities (e.g activities that may give them pleasure or a sense of achievement or some physical exercise).
• Get organized and try to maintain a routine.
• Not sleep during the day and get up at the same time each morning.
• Not make important decisions about their life until they feel better.
• Talk about their negative thoughts with someone they trust.
Get help if they feel suicidal.

What does not help with warning signs of depression is ignoring these signs and being inactive or self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. You may be able to help by inviting the person to do manageable activities together and talking things through with them.

Taking action early to prevent full bipolar episodes can make a difference. Close family and friends can often be the first to notice mood changes. However, misinterpreting mood fluctuations and behavior that are common to us all as part of bipolar disorder can be hurtful and frustrating. Also, constantly watching and questioning the person for signs of illness can affect your relationship and prevent them from enjoying times when they are well.

Posted on 21 Jun 2011
Mental Health

Frontal Lobe Injuries and Their Resulting Damage

The frontal lobe is made up of the precentral cortex, prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex and the superior mesial and inferior mesial regions. Each area has a particular function. But the frontal lobe, in general, is the brain’s emotional center and is responsible for higher functioning. Although this is true, no part of the brain works in isolation.

Frontal lobe injuries can affect motor functions, problem solving, memory, social and sexual behavior. It can also affect language skills, impulse control and make changes to the personality. The damage incurred affects feelings of empathy, sympathy, humor and whether appropriate judgments are made.

Functions of the frontal lobe areas involves the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, an ability to choose between good and bad actions and to recognize the similarity or differences between things.

The frontal lobe assists in retaining long term memories. When this area has been injured, mental flexibility will be impaired. Talking may increase or decrease dramatically. Also, there may be impaired perceptions, possible loss of taste or smell, potential attention difficulties which will make a person easily distracted. Thinking may be inflexible showing perseveration which is an inability to switch from one line of thinking to another. Those with frontal lobe injuries may also lack motivation, the ability to plan and organize and may have difficulty making decisions. Abstract and complex thinking may also be problematic.

Damages such as these often make holding a job more difficult because of the inability to perform work consistently and because problem solving and motor skills have usually been affected.

The hope of successfully returning to work is through rehabilitation. The multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation is mostly favored which includes specialists from neurology, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and cognitive therapy. Other rehabilitation is developing strategies to overcome deficits. It is important that rehabilitation encourage, motivate and empower.

Rehabilitation involves working on functions that can be restored and learning how to do things differently. Neuro-functional strengths and weaknesses are considered. After strengths are developed, more complex skills can be added. The large brain skills must be retrained or developed before the small skills can be developed. And this must happen before intellectual activity can be worked on and be successful.

When there has been an injury to the frontal lobes, rehabilitation is important and the goal is to help individuals progress to the most independent level of functioning possible.

Posted on 14 Apr 2011
Mental Health

Quiet Your Racing Mind and Find Inner Peace

For many years Huna was a secret. That’s what the word ‘Huna’ means and it’s become the name we use to describe an amazing and ancient system of knowledge. Of course, before it was a secret it was well-known for a very long time, having its origins over 35, 000 years ago. For anything to last that long, it has to work. And Huna does.

The Huna system describes humans as having of three minds: a subconscious, conscious and Higher Self. A trinity. Knowing how these minds work and communicate allows each of us to start living our lives consciously. It allows us to purposefully create what we want, heal what needs healing and live a life of joy and love. It teaches that all power lies within and there are no limits. You, right now, have the power to create, heal and live a joyous free life. It is the original ‘Secret’.

Besides life-changing teachings about your true nature, there are many techniques in Huna that anyone can do. You can try the techniques yourself, add to them, adjust them, enhance them, whatever works for you. Many miracles and healings have been reported using Huna: emotional clearing, spontaneous healing, creating future events, and transforming troublesome relationships are not uncommon.

How would you like to be able to center and ground yourself instantly, while opening yourself to your Highest spiritual energies and quieting your busy, racing mind? All at the same time. How useful would that be and how many different ways could it benefit your presence, your creativity, your relationships, your intuition, your focus, your self-confidence? To be able to be in control and have the awareness to respond to life’s events instead of reacting? There are two Huna techniques: pico pico breathing and hakalau that can do just that. Pico pico instantly calms you, centers and grounds you while opening you to your Highest energies. Hakalau is a very simple, yet powerful technique that calms your mind instantly. It also balances both hemispheres of the brain. When the brain is balanced like this you can enjoy more presence, improved ability in concentration, increased creativity, greater clarity of thought, enhanced access to emotions and heightened states of well-being. So, how good would it be to feel the benefits of both of these techniques at once? That’s exactly what was done in creating The Brain Relaxer™ which can be found on the website. It teaches you the techniques and stacks them together so you can enjoy both at once and call them up instantly.

Huna is a system of knowledge that can enhance your life in every way. It is a system of personal power and love. Mental health problems were virtually non-existent in the Hawaiian Islands where Huna was practiced before the white man arrived. It originates in the deep wisdom of the ancients, and since it was secret for so long, it is still very pure and untouched by dogma and history. But now, it is available to us all and we can all benefit from the ancient mystery teachings of the earth.

Posted on 04 Mar 2011
Mental Health

Who is at risk for major depression?

What’s surgical depression?

Nearly everybody look depressed and / or affordable in the end through your life. And yet surgical depression might be huge by using a down in the dumps spirit much of the time of day, primarily early in the day. Besides, as per the DSM-IV — some instructions would always identify subconscious health hazards — you have various problems with the help of leading depression.

Some of those problems can can include:

  • Lethargy and / or damaged energy source nearly every time of day
  • Ideas from worthlessness and / or sense of guilt nearly every time of day
  • Weakened actions, indecisiveness
  • Lack of sleep and / or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) nearly every time of day
  • Noticeably decrease appeal and / or fulfillment through most of recreation a wide range of time of day (called anhedonia, this unique indication are generally pointed from research because of critical some people. )
  • Psychomotor frustration and / or retardation (restlessness and / or increasingly being stunted down)
  • Constant head from departure and / or committing suicide (not solely fearing death)
  • Critical fat burning and / or secure (a modification greater than 5% from body mass in any month)
  • To tell apart your trouble for the reason that leading depression, undoubtedly one of a problems is required to be as well down in the dumps spirit and / or damaged appeal. Even, a problems is required to be show for the purpose of much of the time of day day-to-day and / or a wide range of time of day for the purpose of around a couple of weeks.

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Who is responsible for for drinking and driving for the purpose of leading depression?

Leading depression can affect on the subject of 6. 7% of this You. ‘s. world finished period 20, as per the Domestic Company from Subconscious Healthiness. All around, relating to 20% plus 25% might possibly be affected a particular part from leading depression in the end in their time.

Leading depression can affect grown persons, teen years, babies, and then the aging seniors together. Leading depression repeatedly travels undiscovered plus without treatment through babies and then the aging seniors.

Are actually a lot of women by excessive financial risk for the purpose of depression?

On the subject of doubly most females for the reason that individuals need leading depression. Its concept who hormonal alters through a lot of women in puberty, menstruation, gestation, miscarriage, plus menopause might possibly get considerably more financial risk from leading depression.

With various causes who get considerably more financial risk from leading and / or surgical depression are actually raised accountability inside your home and / or in the workplace. Keeping up with teenagers, career, responsibilities, plus clogs a particular the aging process dad or mom might possibly get considerably more financial risk from leading depression. Maximizing your child by themselves will likewise get considerably more financial risk.

What exactly signs or symptoms from leading depression through individuals?

Sadness through individuals might be tremendously underreported. Individuals what individuals have surgical depression are actually unlikely to get guidance or maybe even go over his or her’s past experiences.

Signs or symptoms from depression through individuals might include frustration, hate, and / or tablet plus alcoholic use. Repressing his or her’s ideas bring about thrashing action moved at the same time inwardly plus outwardly. Additionally it may induce a raise through health problem, committing suicide, plus murder.

Posted on 19 Jan 2011
Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can mess up your whole day, and your entire life. You can wake up one day ready to take on the world, and the next wanting to hide from the world. Every day holds within it different trials and tribulations and no two days will ever be alike.

So how do you cope? How to you live life with bipolar disorder?

The first step is to take life day to day. Worrying too far into the future is just going to send you into a depressive episode. Live one day at a time and you’ll find life is a little easier to cope with. That doesn’t mean ignore things that need to or will happen in the future. It simply means focus on the here and know and take comfort in the fact you only have to live one day at a time.

The second key component is to follow your treatment plans, no matter how you feel. It can be so tempting to skip that dose on days you’re feeling on top of the world, but all that is going to do is send you crashing down. Instead stick to your medical plan irregardless of how you feel, knowing that it is to help you through both the good days and the bad days.

Take time for yourself, regularly. It can be exceptionally difficult to do this when you feel on top of the world or like hiding under a rock, but you need to do it. You need to take care of yourself or your bipolar will only get worse. Deal with life and treat yourself to relaxation and time when you need it.

Don’t forget your loved ones. Living with someone who has bipolar disorder can be like a roller coaster ride, where you’re blindfolded. You never know when the ups and downs are coming and you have no way to prepare ahead of time for the ride you’re in for on the downs and the craziness that can ensue with those ups. Remember they love you and care about you, and make sure you treat them accordingly.

Get yourself enough sleep. Manic periods can make you feel like you never need to sit down and take a breath but it is key to get sleep. Without it your episodes are only going to take on a bad form. Sleep helps your body cope, it helps your body revitalize itself and gives it a chance to have a moment of down time.

Being bipolar can be extremely difficult. It can make you question the world around you and the people within. Take each day at a time and remember if you can get through today, you can get through tomorrow.