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Posted on 02 Oct 2014

Treatment by the Sun

We are a part of the Earth organism and hence, when it accepts, the human organism also accepts. Therefore, the first beams are the most effective ones. Then the human organism is most receptive to the solar energies. In the morning, we always have more prana or vital energy than at noon. Then the living organism perceives most and most powerful positive energies. The first sunbeams are the most active ones. This life-giving high tide is the strongest till noon, then the low tide starts and the strongest one is at sunset. An hour before sunrise, the energy of the Sun has a psychological effect Canadian Viagra online on the cells of the body – it renews their energy and creates new impulse for work in them.

Before sunrise the beams, which are refracted by the atmosphere, have a greater influence on the brain. During the sunrise, the sunbeams, coming in a straight line, have an impact on the respiratory system and our sensibility. The same beams affect the digestive system. Hence, the healing effect of the solar energy is different: before sunrise – improvement of the brain nervous system, at sunrise -for strengthening of the respiratory system, and from 9 to 12 o’clock – for the stomach. In general, in the afternoon, the solar energy has small healing results. The reason for this difference is the different perceptive ability of the Earth and of the human organism.

The energy that the Earth takes from the Sun can be compared to the arterial blood, and the one, which it sends to it, can be compared to the venous blood. Our Sun plays the role of a heart and that role is better played by the Central Sun. In the way, in which the unclean blood from the tissues has to go back to the heart and from there to the lungs for being purified, the energies of the

Earth return in the same to the Sun to acquire their initial rhythm.

The solar energy passes every day through 4 periods: from 12 midnight to 12 noon, there is a high tide of solar energy, and from 12 noon to 12 midnight there is a low tide. The high tide comes to its highest point at sunrise. This high tide is the most powerful and life-giving. – go to online Pharmacy in Canada. Buy  viagra, sildenafil, kamagra and other products.

To meet the rising of the Sun is to consciously connect with it, in order its powers to be able to flow through your body. If one connects to the Sun of the physical world, he connects to two more suns at the same time – the Sun of the spiritual world and the Sun of the Divine world. If one does not meet the rise of the physical sun, he cannot be healthy. This law is known not only for people, but for all living beings.

The reason, because of which our Sun burns us is the following: a black zone of the evaporations of our thoughts, feelings and desires forms round our Earth and those burning sunbeams form as a result from that. Therefore, we perceive the sunbeams through reflection.